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johnnytheboy 04-12-14 07:14 PM

yeah i'll probably sell them...

brabham79 04-12-14 09:20 PM

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For the bareknuckle. Cant makeup my mind

SpeshulEd 04-13-14 08:50 AM

Originally Posted by johnnytheboy (Post 16665420)
yeah i'll probably sell them...

Hit me up if you do, I might be interested.

Was thinking about some November Rails, but the Reynolds would be just as nice.

thewilson 04-13-14 09:07 AM

@johnnytheboy I too may be interested.

3speedslow 04-13-14 07:02 PM

Kool Stop Continentals for my SS Raleigh. Nice and quiet with great stopping power. Nothing wrong with the old Dia-Compe pads, just wanted to change things up. They will go live on another bike in the build shed.

intothev0id 04-14-14 08:49 PM

+ a tube

t x 04-16-14 04:43 PM

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tiiger 04-17-14 10:39 AM

new wheels (H PLUS SON archetype rims on surly hubs)... Gonna change the green hb tape when I find some good brown tape to match the B17 saddle.

orangeology 04-17-14 11:19 AM

a rear wheel. Suzue Promax HF hub + EAI cog + DA lockring + ProRace tire.

craigcraigcraig 04-17-14 07:14 PM

minus brakes

TejanoTrackie 04-17-14 07:46 PM

Originally Posted by craigcraigcraig (Post 16680980)
minus brakes

Dude ! The brakes are the best part of that gruppo.

craigcraigcraig 04-17-14 07:51 PM

they aren't good at grabbing rotors though.

TejanoTrackie 04-17-14 08:17 PM

Originally Posted by craigcraigcraig (Post 16681087)
they aren't good at grabbing rotors though.

Ha, it didn't even occur to me that you were using it on a disk setup. I've got those brakes on my new carbon road bike, and they are absolutely phenomenal.

craigcraigcraig 04-17-14 09:05 PM

Yeah, I rode the whole group on a carbon road bike at a shop to test it out and everything about it seems to be stellar.

Dannihilator 04-17-14 09:49 PM

Originally Posted by TejanoTrackie (Post 16681151)
Ha, it didn't even occur to me that you were using it on a disk setup. I've got those brakes on my new carbon road bike, and they are absolutely phenomenal.

Those have to be one of the best feeling brakes I have ever tried.

GhostSS 04-18-14 12:47 PM

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One guess with what this is going with....

DiabloScott 04-18-14 12:49 PM

Bike shop didn't have the pedals I wanted, and said his distributors didn't even carry them, so I ordered from Amazon.
Didn't pay attention that they were coming from Japan - should be arriving 4 freaking weeks from now.
Shoulda called Scrod's shop.

Scrodzilla 04-18-14 01:22 PM


raqball 04-18-14 01:25 PM

New tires....

SquidPuppet 04-18-14 04:16 PM

The postman just delivered a pound each of bright red mettalic and chrome powder. One of my dull old beach cruisers is getting a major facelift next week. Rims, hubs, bars, stem....everything. She's going to look like a Candy Apple 1957 Chevy hot rod. :)

GhostSS 04-18-14 05:11 PM

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Received my "buyers remorse" FSA SLK carbon post as well. Might sell it.....

EDIT: Just received a "missent" notification on my Campagnolo Record Carbon Seatpost.....frikken USPS, I was lookin forward to putting some of my project together over the weekend...

GhostSS 04-21-14 09:42 PM

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Campagnolo seat post came in today. Installed it on the frame and seat to see how it would look. Also snagged a a 2004 C-record carbon crank 10. Decided to go with the UD carbon version instead of the 1st gen 3k carbon version after reading some Campagnolo propaganda.$_57.JPG

hairnet 04-24-14 07:23 AM

A bike.

hairnet 04-26-14 04:23 PM

preview of things to come for aforementioned bike.

Huffandstuff 04-26-14 05:03 PM

Some cheap mustache bars and brown bar tape for my cheap conversion, gotta cut them down a little though because they are obnoxiously wide.

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