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Yan 02-23-14 08:31 AM

Please recommend parts for a lightweight wheel build (130mm rear hub)
I'm rebuilding an old road bike as a fixed gear commuter. My "main" bike is a custom touring bike with rack, fenders, dynamo lighting, and weighs over 30lb. I want the fixed gear to be LIGHT. Please help me select the hubs and rims. The rear hub needs to be spaced at 130mm for my road frame. I'd prefer 32 spokes (or atleast 28) on the rear wheel, though the roads where I live are immaculate, I am light, I ride gently, and I'm a good wheelbuilder; so durability isn't the top priority. I finally have a decent job now and am not too worried about the price, but I'd prefer to avoid anything too exotic.

I searched the forums and couldn't find a lot of information about light weight fixed gear wheelsets. I did find this thread:!?highlight=
The poster used a Mack rear hub. They look nice but I'm a bit turned off by the multi-month waiting time, so alternative light hub suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks for your help.

seau grateau 02-23-14 02:53 PM

American Classic makes some pretty light hubs.

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