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SquidPuppet 03-26-14 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by rms13 (Post 16613751)
New 54cm Steel Track Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bicycle White White | eBay

$50 with free shipping from China. Consider your mind blown

How? How? How? How?


LesterOfPuppets 03-26-14 01:18 PM

I'd wild guess that Walmart's probably getting the Thrusters for $25 or so, maybe spends $5-10 apiece distributing them throughout North America. You go to China and make some bids on a couple hundred containers full of 'em and you could maybe get a similar deal.

GuitarBob 03-26-14 01:30 PM

mbj35758 04-10-14 08:33 PM

ok I have to be honest, I picked on up at a pawn shop for $40.00 because I thought it would be a great way to venture into fixies. after repacking the berrings a bit of cleaning I got a bike that is a blast to ride. I don't worry about it getting stolen, hell I have more in the seat than the
you get what you pay for, but, I would not hesitate to buy one given the is a bike you can afford to hang on the garage wall if you don't like it. in all honesty I am not shure there is not much to dislike on these

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