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Bikebike123 04-10-14 04:15 PM

Light weight fixed gear build
Looking to hear your opinions on a fixed gear I would like to build. Thinking of getting a state bicycle black label frame set with an essor carbon fiber fork. Plus the SRAM s100 crank to come with it. Also comes with a headset. Want to keep the weight under 19lbs. Wondering what your thoughts were on a wheelset under $200. Any ideas appreciated.

prooftheory 04-10-14 04:49 PM

You could put jalapeno hummus on a hamburger to give it a kind of spicy middle eastern flavor.

Nagrom_ 04-10-14 04:52 PM

Kilo tt

Nagrom_ 04-10-14 04:53 PM

They're less than 9 pounds stock

Scrodzilla 04-10-14 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by prooftheory (Post 16660059)
You could put jalapeno hummus on a hamburger to give it a kind of spicy middle eastern flavor.

Leukybear 04-10-14 05:55 PM

GMJ 04-10-14 07:43 PM

Immediately take the brakes off. That will shed all the weight you need. Check all four ways when crossing intersections.

Godspeed, young prince.

GENESTARWIND 04-10-14 08:14 PM

Its bananas.

Enjoi Trent 04-10-14 08:27 PM

I heard that if you take a few of the spokes out of the wheels it really shaves the weight.

street_sweeper 04-10-14 09:50 PM

i have a 59 cm state bicycle contender that is 18.8lbs according to my scale. but i changed out the stem, bars, and wheel set. the wheels that come with it were bricks.

nightfly 04-11-14 05:00 AM

A Wabi wheelset.

It's the new Kilo TT all purpose answer.

bmontgomery87 04-11-14 05:01 AM

Why pay the money for that frameset with cranks, and then throw 200 dollar wheels on it when you could just buy the complete version of the bike and tweak it over time?

veganbikes 04-11-14 02:58 PM

If you want lightweight, hit the gym! It's simple if it jiggles it's fat!

Jalapeņo hummus is delicious and might help you knock off some pounds if you replace that with some of your junkity foods!

europa 04-11-14 04:45 PM

Why do people imagine they can build light weight bikes that are good quality on low budgets? For heaven's sake, what do you think you're paying for in the better quality bikes? Funny stickers?

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