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gprd 04-14-14 01:50 PM

First fixie complete

I'm thinking of buying my first fixie and need some advice. I'm currently looking at two complete fixies that are reasonably priced and shipped to Finland:

Merling single malt: Merlin "Single Malt" Single Speed Bike | Merlin Cycles

Jamis Beatnik: Jamis Beatnik 2014 2014 Singlespeed Bike | Evans Cycles

What would be the better choice of these two? I noticed that the Beatnik has an integrated spider on the crankset, would that be bad as regards to the quality and replacement components, as most fixies seem to have a separate chainring and spider?

In short, which bike would you buy from these two and why?


europa 04-15-14 02:03 AM

The Merlin's plug ugly but has a Cro-mo frame. Ugly can be fixed.

The Jamis has a Hi-ten frame. That's not as good and it can't be fixed without buying a new frame.

You make the choice.

Pliny the Elder 04-15-14 08:00 AM

If I had to choose between these two I would go with the Merlin.

TejanoTrackie 04-15-14 08:10 AM

7up 04-15-14 08:32 AM

That Merlin with the bullhorns was nice.

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