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Bikebike123 04-14-14 07:06 PM

Fixed Gear Wheelsets
Is the velocity deep v wheelset or the weinmann better? Im looking to upgrade to a better and lighter wheelset.

seau grateau 04-14-14 08:43 PM

I would say Velocity, but I've heard their quality control has been a bit lacking lately. Probably still Velocity though. Weinmanns are stupid heavy.

europa 04-15-14 02:14 AM

Don't know what the Weinman's weight, but DeepVs aren't light. They build a bullet proof wheel but they're not the rim to go to for light, not even light, street use.

As for quality, if you're buying a wheelset complete, make sure you have a wheel builder to retension it before use and to retrue it if needed down the track a bit. If the hub's good, that's all you really need to worry about.

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