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TMonk 04-20-14 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by Coluber42 (Post 16684252)
I did that, twice. Walked up a good bit of Townes Pass though, both times. I think the hardest route I've ever done climbing-wise was the Appalachian Double Cross 1000k. None of the climbs were as long as the ones on the 508, but they are relentless. And since it was an unsupported ride, my bike was a good 15+ lbs heavier. I barely made it in the 75 her time limit both times.
The good part is that it's easy to prevent saddle sores when you spend so much time out of the saddle!


lubes17319 04-21-14 07:47 AM

Used to pedal out to Lookout Mt when I lived in the Cap Hill area in Denver on my 48x17 Steamroller.
Going up was OK, but coming back down got sketchy, even w/front brake.

europa 04-22-14 03:51 AM


Originally Posted by lubes17319 (Post 16689361)
but coming back down got sketchy, even w/front brake.

That's where two brakes is sooooo much better. You use both brakes to slow yourself - you're not doing hard braking so the rear is still effective and you can drag your rear brake (only) to control your speed.

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