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91MF 04-18-14 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by TMonk (Post 16683543)
They're like Aesop Fables. Do you have the same disdain for Aesop Fables? The part that pisses me off about the fable of the ant and the grasshopper, is that ants and grasshoppers don't actually talk. So stupid.

if you don't believe ants and grasshoppers can talk you are going to hell.

rebel1916 04-18-14 07:30 PM

Holy hating and dbaggery.

TMonk 04-18-14 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by 91MF (Post 16683880)
if you don't believe ants and grasshoppers can talk you are going to hell.

See I agree with you here - people who have those types of attitudes are stupid. I do realize that many religious people, especially fundamentalists, can persecute those who don't believe exactly what they do.

All I'm trying to say is that it's PEOPLE who are stupid, not religion. There are positive things to be gleaned from pretty much every holy book out there IMO.

TMonk 04-18-14 07:38 PM

I kind of have this philosophy that everything that is wrong with the world (and everything that is "right" for that matter), is somebody's fault. All concepts, ideas, matter and energy in the universe coexisted peacefully, neutrally, until people just started ****ing everything up.

91MF 04-18-14 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by rebel1916 (Post 16683893)
Holy hating and dbaggery.

dbag? where? tmonk and I are just talking civilly. it's not even a debate.

tmonk: without alcohol, there would be no alcoholics amirite?

and I think we have taken our discussion as far as possible without individuals from either 'side' chiming in. agree to disagree blah blah blah go ride bikes the end.

have a good weekend. cheers.

91MF 04-18-14 08:01 PM

btw my wife is a mexican catholic. She does not however work in nanotech.

ThermionicScott 04-18-14 08:56 PM

Nutella is my religion, too. I noticed at my local food temple that it has branched into at least four schisms: Nutella (the one and only true faith), JIF (haven't tried), Hershey's (grainy but not horrible), and store brand (decent.)

My girlfriend's sister hates Nutella with a passion. I don't expect we'll be seeing each other in the afterlife.

veganbikes 04-18-14 10:56 PM

I was born and raised as a Jew but I have always wondered: Why they couldn't just put a touch of salt or other seasoning in the Matzoh before they left? I mean adding a pinch or two of salt couldn't hurt, or even just add a bit of Franks Red Hot (that old grandma puts that sh it on everything).

Thankfully now I am a-religious. I am not really much of an atheist or a monotheist or polytheist I think it all has a few good points here and there but really in the end it is all the same. If there was on such religion, god or gods, something would have been figured out by now? We can put people into space, we have chunky AND creamy peanut butter (and also Biscoff which is like peanut butter but instead of peanuts COOOOOKIES) and the internets but religion we cannot figure out?

Ah well happy 4/19-4/31 to all and if your holiday goes outside of those strict parameters you are welcome to have a good time as well but less so.

Dannihilator 04-18-14 11:07 PM

April only has 30 days. ;)

veganbikes 04-18-14 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by Dannihilator (Post 16684241)
April only has 30 days. ;)

Well I guess I changed the calendar to allow for an extra day.:bday:

Anyone who follows "the man's" calendar is in trouble, we are rebels we make our own ; )

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