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SquidPuppet 04-21-14 09:51 AM

KMC Chain question
Hello all,

I have been using KMC Z410NPs and Z610HXs for quite some time. They seem to be a great bang-for-your-buck item and have given me no reason to look elsewhere for my chain needs.

I am building up a bike that would look good with a black chain and I see that the Z410 is available in black. My question is, what is the black? Anodized? High quailty paint? Some other color treatment? Crappy paint?

Any info is much appreciated.

Scrodzilla 04-21-14 10:11 AM

Black KMC chains are painted. The finish seems to be pretty durable though.

SquidPuppet 04-21-14 10:20 AM

Thanks. That's what I was wondering about. I don't want one if it is going to shed paint flakes, which would be the same as dirt.

Scrodzilla 04-21-14 11:45 AM

I've never seen that happen in my life.

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