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Sullalto 06-10-14 04:01 PM

Dropout width? ~2010 Raleigh One Way
There's what seems like a great deal on a Raleigh One Way Frameset with BB, headset and handlebars installed on craigslist.

I'm not sure if I'm interested in a SS or fixie, but I'm wondering if this would make an excellent base for an IGH drop bar commuter, using JTEK bar ends for the shifter. I haven't had any luck finding out if this is possible. Help?

oh, and is that BB drop right? Seems awfully high. Not that I mind-if it is that high, I can use it to experiment with longer cranks and not have to worry about clipping the ground in turns.

(Not sure what the best forum to post this is, bicycle mechanics, commuters, or SS/fixed...hopefully it's here...)

Angelis 06-10-14 06:44 PM

The dropouts are spaced at 130mm, the same spacing as a Nexus 7 IGH or most other IGH hubs.
The SRAM Torpedo it originally came with was 130mm.

Yeah the bottom bracket is actually that high. It's odd for a bike like that, but it's fine. I have an '10 One Way frameset laying around; they're good bikes.

Sullalto 06-11-14 12:58 AM

Hmm. Guess I should go try and see it then. Thanks.

Sullalto 06-11-14 07:16 AM

Actually, the paint means it's a 2009. The Raleigh site says it has a flip flop hub. That means 120mm spacing, right?

Onfixiate 06-11-14 10:55 AM

The detailed specs on the last 2 pages of the '09 catalog list the hubs as "track". (Like the Rush Hour specs also). I think you should go take a look at the bike, and take your handy metric ruler with you. I'm betting it's 120 mm...

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