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TMacNJ68 06-15-14 11:44 AM

newbe fixie tire size qustion
Hey guys. I'm building a fixie out of a 1986 ross eurosport I found. Iv striped it to the frame and have all new parts in the mail. I'm putting a front brake but I do not plane on useing it (just in case brake). What I need some help with is tire size I don't wanna go too skinny and take away too much stopping serfae useing mostly legs. I have 700 Aeromax rims and I can fit anything from 700x18 to 700x42. I plain on using the bike for working out and to get to the gym/fun. Let mke know what your using and what you think would be best for me.... thanks for all your help

cosmicwheelie 06-15-14 12:05 PM

how are the roads in red bank after this winter? do you want to go fast with a harder ride or a little slower with some cush fatties on there? you should check your frame or have someone bike competent look at it to see how big of a tire you can even fit in there. its really up to you what size tires you want homie

TMacNJ68 06-15-14 12:35 PM

The winter sucked but did not kill the roads too much. Id like some speed but not kill me on the hills so I'm going with 46t crank with a 16t cog. Iv dun a lot of reserch on building fixies bit tires never came up in my head.. I have all the parts in the mial but the tires so id like to pick and get them asap so I can finish it and start ridding.

stryper 06-16-14 02:31 AM

If you're less than 160lbs go 28c tires, between 160 and 200lbs go 32c, over 200lbs go 35c. Not actual rules or anything, but for a good ratio of comfort to speed those sizes seem appropriate.

DiabloScott 06-16-14 05:19 PM

That frame came originally with 27" x 1-1/4 tires which is about 32mm wide. If you switch to 700c wheels you can certainly go 32mm and probably a little bigger. (assuming these are actual widths, which is probably a bad assumption). See if you can borrow somebody else's wheels to see how you like them on your bike.

I just put nominal 37mm tires on my bike and they're actually only 32mm wide on my rims and I can't imagine wanting anything wider than that for a normal commute.

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