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jay1680 10-14-17 07:49 AM

Baja Nov-
Looking for bike companeros for a trip to Baja in Nov-Dec. Traveling 40- 50 miles a day. Camping or hotel or mixture of both. I live in Guadalajara, Mexico and speak Spanish and have toured a little on the main land. I would be taking the ferry from Mazatlan to La Paz and plan on riding from there. The stretch from La Paz to Loreto (356 km) is what I have in mind but would be open to other ideas. Mexican buses (at least on the mainland, need to check for baja) are bike friendly so, wherever we end up you can throw you bike in the baggage compartment in the bus and ride to the nearest airport.

seedsbelize 10-16-17 04:31 AM

Sounds like fun. Good luck. If I was in better shape, and had the time, I'd consider joining you. Perhaps next year.

ggoytia1 03-23-18 11:32 PM

Jay1680- out of curiosity how did that trip pan out. I love Baja for the ocean, fishing, food, people. La Paz and Guerrero Negro (scammons lagoon) are my top two but Bahia de los Angeles is my number one place to go and relax.

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