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ranDude 10-12-06 11:53 AM

Need Costa Rica Self-guided tour info
We are an experienced cycle touring couple that hope to spend about 10 days cycle touring in Costa Rica in January 2007. I was wondering if anybody has recommendations for a route and an idea how hard it will be to ride into a town and get accommodations.

I'm guessing we'd fly into San Jose and try to get out of town right away. Most organized tours bus out of town the first day. Is that because the roads are bad, uninteresting or dangerous? I'd like to assemble in the airport and ride away.

We're very good cyclists (former road and mtn racers) and have months of touring experience. We'd like to get 60-100 miles a day if possible. Most tours are 20-30 miles a day which is not nearly enough to satisfy. We'll be on touring bikes (27" wheels, triple cranks...) unless someone strongly recommends mtn bikes.

For accommodations, we can camp or stay in a hotel. Will probably do about half of each if possible - any thoughts on how hard this will be to find sites or rooms and where we'd have difficulties? Would we need to call ahead on a daily basis or make plans well in advance with reserved rooms? I'd prefer to wing it because sometimes you get delayed or want to spend an extra day in a special spot. It'd be a shame to be stuck in a tight schedule.

For food, we'll not carry much if anything for cooking. Not stove or pots and pans. I'm guessing that restaurants will be easy to come by.

Any suggested routes, even one-way if there is an easy solution for returning or starting elsewhere - like trains or shuttles (buses are very hard with two bikes and panniers).

many thanks in advance!

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