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feefifofum 08-14-07 10:38 AM

bicycle shops in Buenos Aires

I will be visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September.

Any recommendations for a good bike store in BA?



amigo 08-15-07 05:17 PM

The best are Bicicleterías CANAGLIA, the stores have a web site. But whatever be the bike store you go, be carefull with the price of the products, remember that one american dollar is three pesos (U$ 1 = $ 3.10 or 3.20). Some times is advantageus purchase all the staff in your country an not here.

feefifofum 08-17-07 02:54 PM

thanks for the reply!

quesofrito 08-16-09 08:37 PM

Canaglia is the most popular store, but definitely not the most "pro." Depending on what you need (service, parts, etc), i would try Lauro Bicicletas (lots of cannondales and newer stuff), Rodados Diaz (for that old world, campagnolo feel), or Circuito KDT to do some laps and get your bike serviced.

i pretty much went to every bike shop in BsAs and found those 3 to be the only ones worth going to.

Curitibano 12-15-10 06:54 PM

It's also possible to rent a bike in Buenos Aires now. It's new, but it'worth trying out.

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