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J T CUNNINGHAM 12-10-07 08:15 PM

The Ambrosi Bicycle Thread
Here we Go!


J T CUNNINGHAM 12-10-07 08:23 PM

This is a new thread regarding the Ambrosi Bicycle in my possession, pics of which

could happen at any time. (I am able to email them, but I am 'really stupid', when it

comes to posting them here.)

Regards to all,

J T CUNNINGHAM 12-15-07 05:09 PM

Let me see if I am able to post some pics.

Here Goes!

J T CUNNINGHAM 12-15-07 05:10 PM

http://<a href="http://i246.photobuc...Picture034.jpg[/IMG]

J T CUNNINGHAM 12-15-07 05:11 PM

That's nice, but what happened to the 'others'?

Try again!

J T CUNNINGHAM 12-15-07 05:19 PM

J T CUNNINGHAM 12-15-07 05:22 PM




East Hill 12-15-07 06:01 PM

Hurrah! That photo of the headbadge shows the colour very nicely, too.

East Hill

Reynolds 12-15-07 08:53 PM

That's a really nice frame! And the Deltas don't hurt either...

J T CUNNINGHAM 12-15-07 09:29 PM


I emailed Mr Sergio Ambrosi the pics of the bike midweek last -

have had No Reply at all. I am wondering if he continues to be away.

Anyway, with this 'dedicated thread', maybe someone he knows

will see it and inform him of it's content.


J T CUNNINGHAM 01-14-08 08:50 PM

Another (complete) pic.


charly85 11-03-08 10:41 PM

My father had a chrome yellow, but is robbed of my home for more than 10 years :(

J T CUNNINGHAM 11-04-08 11:44 PM

Welcome sire!

I have just started back working late, and saw your post only now.

Allow me to come back tomorrow for a "chat".


J T CUNNINGHAM 11-08-08 12:10 AM

Welcome aboard Charly85!

Sorry to hear that your father's bike was nabbed, also would have liked to see a picture of it.

Anyway, it has been a long time coming re the Ambrosi bike info. Sergio Domingo Ambrosi and I

finally met online early this year. He speaks no english, and I speak no spanish, he therefor

did an online translation. Some of the translated text was "lost in the translation", with very

laughable results, the intent was clear enough however.

He stated that he built only bespoke bicycles (custom to order) between the years 1982 & 1995,

only stopping due to unrest and costs; though continues to maintain a retail operation. (store)

Sergio has known of his work leaving the country, but was very suprised to hear Canada

was included! After sendind him some pictures and the serial number, it was concluded that the

bike was built during 1986 (my original thought was 1987) and I was given the original buyer's name.

After the addition of C-Record brake levers (which I presently have) and white elkhide barcover,

new photos will be forthcoming. As can be seen from the above pictures, the bike is in fine form,

it mainly hanging from my wall at home.

Once again, I am very glad that you posted on this thread, SA, and especially that Argentina is so very

far away in distance but so close by "the web". I am also wondering what has happened

to"Amigo", for he was also very helpful and kind in his inquiry into this matter.

Very little (if anything) is on the "web", relating to these beautiful bikes - Sergio is to be

congatulated and noted for his fine work.


charly85 11-10-08 11:05 AM

Thanks for the reply JT
The history of Don Ambrosi is amazing, but now it is good history of the brand
My father is a shame but 7 years ago and died of a cancer victim, if not the count's history as the purchase, although I have photos of when I went out with the comrades to quit cycling

I was missing that would have to seek to add those photos, so the scaning to show it.
good greetings. Carlos

Yan 11-17-08 08:22 PM

I met JT in real life today and he is a fine gentleman. That Ambrosi is a stunning bicycle.

J T CUNNINGHAM 11-17-08 09:40 PM

Thank you sir.

The better "prize", however would be with all of the above posters meeting with the man himself

Sergio Domingo Ambrosi, in beautiful Godoy Cruz, Argentina!


J T CUNNINGHAM 06-09-12 12:50 AM

I just want to bring this thread to the forefront after having seen it buried in

the "Dead Storage Area" of Bike Forums and back on the hopefully active list.

Other pictures of Ambrosi bikes are welcome and any comments are more than welcome.


J T CUNNINGHAM 06-10-13 06:10 PM

We seem to have been deleted from the active thread list, (among other problems) so: BUMP. Regards, J T

J T CUNNINGHAM 06-10-14 07:32 PM

We seem to have been deleted from the active thread list again, so . . .

and seeing this is the only thread within the entire South America Continent . . .


J T CUNNINGHAM 06-08-15 06:56 PM

Time for The Annual BUMP!


seedsbelize 10-01-15 06:33 PM


searcH_16 03-14-16 03:44 PM

time passes
Hi J.T.;
I believe I saw your Ambrosi quite a few years ago when we were in the same club.
Let me know if you recall.


Originally Posted by J T CUNNINGHAM (Post 17877229)
Time for The Annual BUMP!


J T CUNNINGHAM 03-14-16 05:22 PM


You may contact me by this Forum's Private email.


searcH_16 03-14-16 08:02 PM

Not looking to try to pull it from your possession, but would like to meet to update some friendly business from the past,
when the JT Cunningham I'm looking for also had a light blue pickup.
The club to which I referred was a little farther west than Bellwoods.
If you are not that person, I will disappear from this forum, since I have
probably already strayed from the topic it's devoted to. I tried the private email, but I was 49 posts short of the minimum required to access.

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