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John_V 01-10-12 01:54 PM

Weekly Sunday Rides - Tampa, FL
Here is a blog that lists Sunday rides in the Tampa, FL area for January and February. I just found out about these rides and plan on doing as many as I can. Hope to see some of the BF members there.

Tampa Bay Sunday Riders

The link will take you to the January/February 2013 ride schedule. Please check the links on the right side to go to the correct months to see the schedule.

DEK 01-11-12 05:32 PM

Hey John_V: Thanks for the link. Good info.

Here's another group that I've ridden with once and been trying to work out more rides with them:

They use to organize rides. They have fairly regular weekday and weekend rides.

John_V 01-15-12 05:49 PM

I went on my first ride with this group today. It was a great ride and everyone on the ride was great. The ride had 10 cyclist and would have had more if it wasn't for the cold weather we had this morning. It was a nice pace for a casual ride and the ride took us through several of Tampa's nicer neighborhoods, including Forrest Hills, Avila and Old Carrollwood. Brunch after the ride at a nice Columbian restaurant located at the ride's starting point. I definitely plan to do more rides with them in the future. If you live in the Tampa area, please come join the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club and the Tampa Bay Sunday Bicyclers (formally The Tampa Bay Freewheelers) for some really nice casual rides that you will enjoy.

brany 03-25-12 10:05 PM

Any of you guys still riding?

DEK 03-26-12 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by brany (Post 14016584)
Any of you guys still riding?

Yes. Do you need to know something else in particular?

shoota 02-21-13 08:09 AM

I might be able to do the Feb 26th ride next week. Any idea what time we would be back?

John_V 02-21-13 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by shoota (Post 15299389)
I might be able to do the Feb 26th ride next week. Any idea what time we would be back?


The ride for February of this year is on the 24th and is the Weedon Island Ride. Please check the link again as the one you checked was for last year. The link for March/April rides is on the right side of the blog page. Hope to see you at one of the rides.

Fastfingaz 02-21-13 04:51 PM

Hey John tell me when you say nice pace what do you mean ? 10-15,,15-20 or20-+ miles ph

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