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aquist 10-20-12 11:01 AM

slow riders of Arkansas, rides proposed
I live in Hot Springs Arkansas, there is a club but they are all speed demons, I want to see slow casual rides centered around Whittington park and the bath house row area, the downtown ride would be purposely held at night like Chicago's Insomnia cycle. I measured a 6 mile loop that would have a pit stop at one of the restaurants. Brau Haus or Subway at the south end of an L shaped course starting at the bike shop where we could park our cars. The purpose of the ride would be socializing and showing off lighting options on the bikes. This is a tourist trap and retirement community surely we could find some sedate cyclists to start it up We might even pull in cyclists from LR and other communities within easy driving distance of Hot Springs.

Rootman 10-20-12 03:28 PM

Dude(tte), wish you were closer, I live in NW Arkansas and am up against the same thing, the people I've met all ride carbon road bikes and are only interested in fast paced road trips, One guy I did hook up with I drove nuts as he had to keep dropping back to wait for me or raced ahead 1/2 mile or more and sat and waited. He had planned the trip (in his head) so I was worried he might just go ahead and leave me and I'd have trouble finding a safe bike-friendly way back home. That was the last ride we went on together. I ride for fun and fitness and am not interested in top speed.

I hope you can hook up with others like you.

FunkyStickman 10-20-12 05:19 PM

You are not alone... keep searching!

aquist 10-20-12 10:29 PM

thats exactly how my last club ride was, i felt like a dork...............but really bike clubs should be for all riders. I am 72 now and not as fast as I was back in the day. btw, i am a dude not a dudette

Rootman 10-22-12 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by aquist (Post 14863097)
i am a dude not a dudette

Had to cover my bases, no clue with your profile or username :)

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