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RonH 02-22-13 04:56 PM

Withlacoochee Clean Air Ride is coming up soon -- March 23, 2013
Here are the details. -->
Hope to see a lot of you there.

OKIE_55 03-02-13 04:03 PM

I'll be there.

LiamSkymom 03-04-13 05:18 PM

I just received my registration form in the mail. Didn't think I was going to be able to even consider it, but got some cash influx so it might be doable.

ythe1300 03-08-13 07:19 AM

Hum, this looks like it could be fun. Anyone doing the 100?

RonH 03-08-13 09:05 AM

Cross your fingers for me. Seems the B&B will be open again that week so my wife said to hold off on registering. :(
I did the ride in 2011 and 2012. I'm hoping to ride it every year till I can't ride any more. Gotta keep my collection fo ride t-shirts growing. :)

RonH 03-10-13 06:01 PM

My wife gave me the thumbs up so I just registered. :D

LiamSkymom 03-11-13 08:07 AM

I can't get a child sitter - bummer.

ythe1300 03-14-13 05:47 AM

I will Defiantly be there. :)

RonH 03-21-13 06:49 AM

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If anyone wants to meet up in Inverness, I'll be wearing this jersey so I'll be easy to spot.

OKIE_55 03-22-13 07:07 PM

Anyone on the fence, I heard on the news we should have a great day. I've been worried about the rain for two weeks, but it's supposed to clear up for one day, then more rain.

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