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Fastfingaz 02-26-13 05:55 PM

!!!!!!!!Pelicanman!!!!!!!!ST. Bernard Louisiana
This is for anyone in the New Orleans area and Mississippi and anyone else thats interrested,,,The Pelicanman is a 2-10-2 Duatholon Event in St. Bernard Parish ofcourse it involves running and cycling!! starts with a 2 mile run out and back get on your cycle ride 10 miles,,5MILES out and back put cycle away start second 2 mile run out and back !!! there you just did the Pelicanman duatholon! wasn't too bad huh??? come on out see what you're made of!!!!You Can Do It!!!!!!!!after,,,, trophies all age groups !!! all weights!!!!! food!!!!music!! refreshments,,, beer!!!!! and refreshments,,, Beer!!!!! and most of all a good time!!!!!!!!!Challmette April 7 TH,,,,,,,,, Rezele bonton ruolxe what ever???

Fastfingaz 04-04-13 05:41 PM

Comming up this Sunday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I know you want to do it but you're scared!!!!! come on out you'll do just fine!!!!!! come on..........................................don't be scared!!!!!!!

Fastfingaz 04-07-13 03:34 PM

O k you missed it, but we still got about 180 bikes out there !!!! good time had by all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Fastfingaz 08-11-13 05:06 PM

alright it's coming again!!!!!!! last one of the year!!!!!!!!!The Pelicanman Duatholon!!!!!!!

Fastfingaz 02-22-14 05:19 PM

Pelicanman!!!!!!! Come meet new people,,,, runners cycling and cyclelists running,, but everybody having a great time,,,, new date comming up!!!!!!!...2-10-2 =14 miles

Fastfingaz 09-25-14 05:11 PM

Pelicanman duatholon,,, this Saturday 27,, St. Bernard Louisiana come and get you some!!!!!!!!

Fastfingaz 02-11-15 02:19 PM

Pelicanman April 12 8;30 AM

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