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ythe1300 10-30-13 05:43 AM

horrible hundred (central FL)
Just wanted to see if anyone else was doing the horrible hundred this Nov. 17th

kflagg 11-10-13 05:49 PM

Thinking about it have you ridden it before?

ythe1300 11-11-13 06:43 AM

This will be my first time, but I have ridden most of the course. There are some (IMHO) pretty decent climbs, so it should be good fun. :)

mleach82 11-11-13 01:14 PM

I'll be attempting it for the first time but only the 70.

Flying Foot Doc 11-12-13 09:41 PM

I'm going up for the ride for the 1st time too. I've just never ridden it before. Hoping a ride in Cape Cod and an 8 bridge training ride with an 11-28 cassette will have me set up for the 35 mile section. Wishing all of us a good ride! I'll be the guy on a big black & white Bianchi Infinito -say hi! Andy Levy

ythe1300 11-14-13 06:18 AM

I am going with an 11-25 and a 34-50. I was over there in September and had no trouble doing the climbs with this setup.

kflagg 11-14-13 06:05 PM

was thinking about the 70 also not ready for the 100.Im in Sarasota so pretty far drive for me will see i guess.

Flying Foot Doc 11-16-13 07:32 AM

Getting ready to head up there this morning. Looking forward to the expo today, a little cruising ride and then riding tomorrow. Have a good ride all! Andy

Podagrower 11-17-13 12:31 PM

One of these years, I'm going to do this ride. But I knew it wasn't going to be this year. Maybe next year (which is what I told myself last year). But I'm guessing this year's ride will live up to it's name. The humidity is riduculous today, temperatures are in the 80's (which isn't bad, but it's November), it rained all afternoon yesterday, and it's probably going to rain later today. I hope nobody suffers too much today.

Ron Harry 11-18-13 11:58 AM

it was nice day; good ride. Opted out of sugarloaf since coming out of hospital just 2 weeks ago [not enough training this year; did the century last year and sugarloaf several times before, so nothing to prove]. Didn't think the jerseys were as sharp as last year [didn't see as many being worn either]. Would others say this is Florida's most popular annual non-competitive ride? Also, I like mass starts [they changed it to staggered this year, or as you wanted]. In the south, I consider this one of the top 3 or 4 events [Chattanooga 3state 3mtn event, and Georgia's Six Gap three Gap rides are two more]...maybe Alabama's Cheaha ride too. I'm sure there are other rides out there I haven't heard about though [thoughts?]. The Mt. Mitchell ride seems like a special category [why not in my list].

Flying Foot Doc 11-18-13 12:32 PM

Did my first HH ride, did the 35 which was definitely enough for me. Well run, well organized event. I liked the scenery and the conversations with other riders. Great weather for the ride, LOVED the downhills...the uphills were a challenge. Managed to ride them all, but knew after the 35 and riding back to the hotel that I didn't have the 70 in me. Will be back, but with a much lower climbing cassette. Thanks Florida FreeWheelers! Andy

mleach82 11-18-13 02:25 PM

Did just shy of the 70, ended up doing 66 by taking the trail in at the end. Was a great ride, definitely challenging, suffered from some cramping just before sugarloaf. Was a little disappointed in myself for having to walk a couple of the hills, but at least I know what is in store if I attempt next year.

Was a pretty organized event with the exception of the second rest stop, when I arrived they had run out of water. Considering this is the 34th year of the event I would think they would know how much water was needed. After about a 15 minute wait a truck arrived and was able to continue.

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