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klnasveschuk 11-17-13 04:55 AM

Riding the North Carolina Outer Banks
This will be my 3rd long distance solo tour. Beginning to plan a September 2014 ride from South Carolina north most likely to Philadelphia. I've already researched one stumbling block, crossing the Chesapeake at Virginia Beach. I'd like to ride the outer banks of North Carolina. I'm most concerned about the NC part. It would be a big deviation riding inland as opposed to the coastal route.

Here is a link to my proposed route up to VA Beach:

Couple questions maybe someone can answer/comment on:
-Is it possible to do this or are there places that are only cars can use? Google maps indicates this is possible.
-If this is possible anyone know of the condition of the roads, is there a shoulder to ride on, especially over bridges? September, is it congested with traffic?
-How about places to stay? I pull a small trailer, carrying a tent, sleeping bags etc. I'd be looking to camp. Last resort is getting a room.
-Please comment on: weather, rain, avererage temp from about Labor Day on; possibility of hitting extremely bad weather at this time of the year, i.e hurricane. Prevailing winds off the ocean East->West, we all know how much fun it is riding into a headwind.

Any piece of info would be appreciated, however small.

My 2013 tour:

cranky old road 11-17-13 02:51 PM

You might have better luck posting this on the "Regional Discussions: Southeast" subforum just below this, the "Regional Rides," one. This subforum is usually used to announce organized charity and other group rides.

Tubesteak 07-30-14 05:20 PM

i live just outside of virginia beach. if youre still planning to do this ride, we will see you when you arrive. beer and burgers await you

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