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JBerman 03-17-14 07:35 AM

Rotary Bike Ride for the Y - Hernando, FL - May 10th 7:30am
Rotary Bike Ride for the YMCA (found online @
Lake Hernando Park, Hernando, FL
May 10, 2014 at 7:30am (rain or shine)

The Citrus County Rotary Clubs are having their first Rotary Bike Ride event to support the local YMCA .
With the many miles of trails available in the area it provides a great opportunity for cycling events
to support Rotary service efforts in the Citrus County. This will include several different bicycle
rides designed to match the expertise and skill of the rider along with booths for food & sponsors.
Music, games and activities during and after the rides will be provided for children and adults.
Sponsorship levels are set to allow the individual or businesses to contribute what fits their ability
or desire to support the local YMCA Branch. Entry fee for the riders is $35 for adults and $20 for children
12 and under for the first child in a family and $10 for each additional child. Minors may need to be
accompanied by parent or guardian. The Rotary Bike Ride for the Y will be on May 10, 2014 at 7:30am
rain or shine. Please be prepared. More details about the bike rides and other activities will be coming
as it gets closer to the date..

Ride Choices
Bicycle riders have 3 choices for the Rotary Bike Ride for the Y depending on skill level and
physical ability or maybe just their desire to have fun and participate. Please register and
oh yes make a donation to help support the YMCA in Citrus County.

Short Ride: Hernando to Hwy 486 rest stop Near Hwy 491 – 14 miles

Medium Ride: Hernando to Hwy 44 & back(22 miles) and Hernando to Citrus Springs Blvd
& back(22 miles) - 44 miles

Long Ride: Hernando to Liberty Park & back(10 miles), Hernando to Hwy 44 & back(22 miles)
and Hernando to Citrus Springs & back(30 miles) - 62 miles

Includes SAG Stops, T-Shirts for Riders, and Post Ride Meals... Plus Food Vendors, Raffles/Auctions/Door Prizes, Children’s Games, Music DJ and Business Vendors.

Eric H. Hoyer
[email protected]
M: 863-670-0734

RonH 03-17-14 10:47 AM

I saw this ride posted at Inverness Bicycle & Fitness. Looks like fun but strange routes. Still thinking but I'll probably register in the next few weeks.

JBerman 03-17-14 08:39 PM

I thought the routes seemed strange also! I was planning on the Ocala ride the same day but this is closer and supports my area so I'll likely do this one.

JBerman 05-09-14 04:56 PM

Anyone planning on riding? I wasn't positive but I decided last minute to go. I'll register in person before the ride.

JBerman 05-11-14 05:15 AM

There didn't seem to be a huge turnout. I asked before I left, and I think they said around 50 people. I wasn't a big fan of the t-shirt (no date or location). There was a raffle but there was really no mention of it after the ride. No snacks other than sandwiches after the ride. The sag stops had snacks though. Overall I was glad to help contribute to a good cause though.

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