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Skyeisonfire 07-29-18 06:50 PM

Riding Florida A1A from Jax beach to South daytona this fall.
Hi all. I'm planning to ride south from Jacksonville beach to South daytona this fall. I'm currently building my endurance riding longer distances in prepping for this ride. Is there anyone who has ridden A1A in either direction in or about the same area of a1a? I'd like to know what your experience was like and if there is anything you would do different. Thanks all from South Daytona area.

Juan Foote 07-30-18 10:28 AM

Every blog read I have ever done concerning A1A indicates it to be pretty hectic inbetween stretches of beauty that you might be able to see water still...maybe. Given that the ride is only ~95 miles, are you planning two days?

Baldy1953 07-30-18 05:50 PM

OP, You might be interested in this. The North Florida Bicycle Club has this posted on their website. Travel Team - Flagler Fondo - Palm Coast, FL - 1 Or 2 Days - Multiple Routes - Events - North Florida Bicycle Club

Might make your trip a bit more of a fun ride..
there is contact info also

bikecrate 07-31-18 08:46 AM

I've ridden bits and pieces of it when on vacation in the area (Amelia Is, St. Augustine, New Smyrna Beach etc). From what I remember there is a pretty good OL most of the way. Although sometimes sand drifts into it. You have to be on alert (not that you shouldn't be alert all times) in the more built up area where there are many business/condo entrances. FYI, the area north of Jacksonville Beach is really nice. It goes through Big and Little Talbot Island State Park.

Skyeisonfire 08-02-18 07:58 AM

Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm building my mileage each week and getting more fit for this ride which will be a solo 1 day ride. I'm gonna have to ride by car though to check the route for possible problems and become more familiar with the route. If it was under 50 miles I'd just hop on the bike and ride out. This is a little more of a commitment being a century.

WaveyGravey 08-08-18 02:48 PM

I've ridden from Jacksonville Beach to St. Augustine and back. Traffic was not bad but as mentioned above be careful and alert in the more congested areas. Obviously very flat so not terribly demanding. Scenery is constant. It will be fun.

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