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xodondum 03-13-22 10:40 AM

Panama City Beach, FL - Cycling Routes
Hi, this may be a vacation spot I am considering. Are there any safe / scenic cycling routes for road & mtn bikes? I did search however most of the threads were really old. Thanks.

Juan Foote 03-17-22 10:27 AM

One of my friends lives off Clay Ave. and where I saw loads of cyclists around, my impression was more along the line of forced cyclists rather than recreational. I would not attempt to ride the strip, too many people inebriated and/or simply not paying attention to the road.

I would parrot suggestions I have made to others in going to Google Maps and using the "cycling" filter to show the approved routes. Map My Ride and Strava probably offer some good routes and probably club routes.

Ex Pres 03-25-22 07:34 AM

I ride into PCB from the west via 30A and a short stretch of Hwy 90, because I usually stay down towards Seagrove/Grayton. I don't venture much past Laguna/Sunnyside, however. Once the hi-rises start I'll turn around. There are some off-road trails that can be ridden with mtn/gravel bikes all along that stretch, but I haven't tried them out. I've seen some posted on FB. I'll get back if I can find some good links.

jon c. 03-30-22 08:36 PM

There is a nice bike path that along 79 up to the intercoastal. And there's a path the bisects that running parallel to back beach road. I've never been on it and I'm not sure how far it goes. It was planned to run pretty much the length of PCB but I don't know if it was ever completed.

30A used to be nice to ride, but it's usually too crowded now.

If you're looking for long rides there are miles of relatively empty country roads on the other side of the intercoastal.

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