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JBerman 03-05-14 08:31 PM

They are a bit worn so I'm struggling to decide between gatorskins and 4000s for my replacements. I currently only ride Withlacoochee.

That makes sense for inflation!

RonH 03-06-14 06:57 AM

Gatorskins are for crappy roads and riding thru debris (glass, etc).
4000s is what I've been riding on for several years (700x25). Many cyclists love them. Very comfortable ride. :thumb:

JBerman 03-06-14 08:36 AM

Awesome, 4000s it is! I was planning on 700x23. Is the benefit to get 25's over 23's comfort? Thanks again!

RonH 03-06-14 07:25 PM

Mostly comfort and handling.

capsisking 05-05-14 09:47 AM

And I'm back!

RonH 05-05-14 11:45 AM

I saw the bikes in the Intro forum. :thumb: Did you win the lottery. ;)

capsisking 05-06-14 05:25 AM


Originally Posted by RonH (Post 16730252)
I saw the bikes in the Intro forum. :thumb: Did you win the lottery. ;)

Lol, I wish. My wife and I do alright. And at 280 lbs when we started this and inflammation in my spine their really isn't a dollar limit on something that makes me feel better/healthier. I've already lost 20lbs and my back feels MUCH better :)

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