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stonecrd 09-05-06 06:29 AM

Nice Key Biscayne Ride
Sunday went down to Key Biscayne and started a ride from Cape Florida State park across the causeway and took Miami avenue to Old Cutler and Old Cutler down to around 156th. Round trip this was 40mi and a very nice ride. Lot's of people out on bikes and climbing the causeway was almost like having a real hill. Old Cutler is two lanes and traffic started to pick up around 9:30a. I wouldn't start this ride much past 8:30a. The traffic for the most part was pretty polite but if you don't like two lane roads without shoulders you may not enjoy this ride.

-VELOCITY- 09-05-06 11:42 AM

Sweet. I haven't ridden in or around Key Biscayne for several months. I've never tried that route though. It sounds great. Although I did ride through that area in May when I did the MS 150.

stonecrd 09-05-06 06:40 PM

Here is a MotionBased Link

-VELOCITY- 09-06-06 06:15 AM

Wow. Thanks for the map. That's a nice way to chart a route. Thanks.

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