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RookieOnTheSeat 09-06-06 02:32 PM

Auburn,Alabama Riders
Hello to all in Auburn. I just became interested in biking. I'm currently rebuilding a 1984 Centurion comp TA bike. I would like to find riders in the area to help with advise to improve my performance and riding capablities. Plus, good advise on my rebuild. Anyhow, drop a line just to say hello works as well. Good riding.

Tmax1 09-06-06 02:47 PM

Hello. Not in Auburn but close enough.

Try these guys:

They (someone) are having the CHris Hinds Memorial Century in November. Date seems up in the air.

Ride fixed, free, or more.


mulvamj 09-07-06 08:48 PM

Hello fellow Auburn-ite! If you aren't quite at the pace of the Fliers, and you're above the pace of the Saturday morning "breakfast club", maybe we could ride. I'm no bike guru, but i do like to ride. I've got a Cannondale T-2000, which i use mostly for commuting to school. I ride at an average of about 18-19 mph for a typical 18 mile loop. I probably only clock about 50 miles a week these days. Do you know that there's a century in Opelika on Sept. 30?

RookieOnTheSeat 09-11-06 09:34 PM

Thanks for the invite.
Unfortunately, I'm rebulding my bike and currently without wheels. I made the mistake of buying a Mongoose at the "Big K" to hold me over until it is complete but I took it back because you get what you pay for. It is probably a bikers crime to do such a thing. Anyway, I will keep in touch for later rides. Thanks

Moonshot 09-12-06 07:25 AM

I'm in Opelika. The East Alabama Cycling Club hosts a website that lists area rides.

Our annual Johnny Ray Century ride is coming up September 30th.


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