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Stylo328 09-06-06 06:41 PM

Help finding a bike in S. Florida
Hopefully I wont get flamed for this, here goes.

I've been searching for weeks/months trying to find a good used roadbike in South Florida or surrounding areas. I've tried the bargain trader, craigslist, ebay... There are plenty of used bikes, but at 6'5", I am looking for an XL or a 62-65cm frame and they just arent arount to be had. I thought I had found the perfect bike on craigslist in MA, but the seller is not interested in shipping :( ... I previously owned a Cannondale R600, but you could say that this will be my first true venture into road riding/racing. I know there are several new bikes to be had with decent components (tiagra) for under $800, but I would prefer to pick up a higher quality used bike with some miles and some personality. I do not want vintage though, something within the past 5-8 years would sure be nice.

This is not meant to be a WTB thread as I know there is a forum for such. I just was hoping that some of my fellow Floridians could point me in the right direction. If not, thanks for reading this far and I look forward to meeting you guys/gals on the road, if I ever find a bike:D

p.s. If you have a bike for sale or know of one that may fit, please feel free to post.


linux_author 09-06-06 07:15 PM

- you should be at an advantage! there are many bikes for larger riders here in the Tampa Bay area...

- many of the bikes available in Salvation Army or Goodwill stores are for larger riders (wish i could find some in my size)...

- check out pawn shops in your area for some possible rides...

- right now there are a number of LARGE bikes available from the 'Squirrel Guy' in Tampa (via Craigslist)...

- hope this helps! let us know if you get a nice ride!

stonecrd 09-07-06 06:47 AM

Another options is to try and check out the local clubs. Usually there are people trying to upgrade and they will post their current bike on the club website or in a flyer etc. Also you could try stopping by some of the races, not sure where you are at but there is always a lot of stuff for sale at the Miami Masters Crit races. I don't recall any bikes last time I was there but plenty of wheels etc. I expect that bikes are sold as well.

[edit]Thinking about it you probably won't find anything in your price range at the races. Its pretty much all high end stuff[edit]

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