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moxfyre 09-08-06 09:02 AM

nice rides around Virginia Beach?
Hey everybody, I'm going to be camping at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach this weekend. My girlfriend and I will have our road bikes, but we've never been there before and don't know where to ride.

Does anyone know of any fun places to do 10-30 mile bike rides around VA Beach? Thanks a lot!

Grimmreaper 09-13-06 10:23 AM

You can check out the fat frogs bike shop in Virginia Beach, they have shop rides every day. They have a 21 mile loop they ride. check out their web site at

And the people that you would meet can also turn you on to other good riding areas as well.

I hope this helps.

moxfyre 09-13-06 10:26 AM

Thanks Grimmreaper! We ended up riding along Shore Rd and in the trails of 1st Landing State Park. A nice place to ride, except for the glass on the shoulder of Shore Rd that practically destroyed my rear tire 4 miles into our first ride :mad:

Dr. J 02-08-14 07:55 AM

Rides around virginia beach
I know I'm about 8 years late but maybe this will help someone else. I've been to Va Beach many times and the rides are limited if avoiding cars. I stay near 64th st and Atlantic so I ride north on Atlantic, AVE and leave Atlantic Ave at the first traffic light, bearing right. (the only one between 64th and it). After a short jog through a residential neighborhood the entrance to Fort Story a United States Army base. Has a check point with guards. If you are an American citizen with a drivers license, a few friendly questions, NO Camera's, they will let you ride in, past the lighthouse and you can do a loop at the next checkpoint instead of leaving and getting back on the main drag.
Returning back out of Fort Strory(there are a couple of options) puts you back on Atlantic AVe which on this side allows you to ride on the road or on a spur along side the main road. When approaching the downtown of Va Beach bear left and choose the continuation of Atlantic or you can ride the bicycle on the path next to the board walk. Nice but short ride under 20 miles.

Longer than that contact the bike store Fat Frogg. I believe it's in Sandston and they'll help you ride rides and group rides.

until the.

Dr. J

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