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branman1986 10-16-06 05:46 AM

Greenville Cycling Classic
Anyone else go check it out? It was pretty awesome to see George Hincapie tear up the field in the Pro/1/2 finale. Also it was great to see a regional guy hang with Scott Weiss & Hincapie in the 3 man breakaway. Sharing the podium with those two guys must have made his career.

Great venue, great crowds, great races!

jamiewilson3 10-16-06 06:09 AM

Was a race volunteer Sat during the pro race and on Sun as well. It was a great event. The course was really tough, as there were some tough hills on the back side. The turnout, as you said, was pretty good as well.

branman1986 10-16-06 07:10 AM

I'm just a lowly 5, but it was fun to race in front of crowds, even though it was sooo cold at 9AM

got my first top 3 finish(3rd) too on Sunday

jamiewilson3 10-16-06 08:49 AM

Very cool (no pun intended). I did a shop ride on Saturday morning. I was at the 5 race on Sunday, but didnt ride (my girlfriend talked me out of it!). Saw you ride though, I guess. Congrats on the finish! I am from Atlanta originally, so maybe I will see you at a race or two next year.

branman1986 10-16-06 08:57 AM

not that you probably noticed, I was the tall guy in the red/white/blue aarons kit on a giant tcr 2

yeah, that would be awesome to see you at a race next year!

jamiewilson3 10-16-06 11:11 AM

Actually, I do think I remember you. There was a pretty good showing of your team up there.

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