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PatrickVA 10-18-06 12:57 PM

Colonial Virginia ride Oct. 21
Anyone doing/done this ride in Williamsburg? If I'm able to make it it'll be my first organized ride, so I'm looking forward to it. $40 to charity seems like a good deal to let someone else plot my route and give me snacks.

cc_rider 10-18-06 02:15 PM

Sounds like fun. But Tour du Port in Baltimore is the next day.

PatrickVA 10-18-06 04:04 PM

Tour du Port looks great - Baltimore is a little far, especially for a ride that starts at 7:30. Maybe next year. Is there a one-stop website that lists rides, centuries, etc? I'd like to start thinking about the spring.

SaddleBags 10-19-06 05:20 PM

W-burg has great riding - both road and mountain bike trails - but there's another ride 1 county up that's holding an organized ride.....and it's free.
New Kent Vineyards Harvest Festival Bicycle Routes. I'm not sure if there's SAG support.

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