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trsidn 12-06-07 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by dahoss2002 (Post 5755046)
Bossier City here!!! Aint made it to Tiger Stadium since the Dinardo days and thats too dang long! Jan. 7 2008, LSU wins its 3rd National Title!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ride solo most of the time because of my work schedule, but do as many organized Saturday rides as I can. We have 2 in Shreveport every year and I usually do a couple in East Texas also. Are there any organized charity centuries or metric centuries in Alexandria, Lafayette, or Baton Rouge?????

None that I'm aware of. Doesn't mean they don't exist, though.

Aviflex 04-01-09 03:52 PM

Belle Chasse checking in. I just got back into biking after a 24 year hiatus (decided to take a break when I was ten years old :( ). I just received (for free) a 2005 Diamondback Wildwood from a neighbor that never used it. My son and I have been cruising the neighborhoods after I get off of work lately and we're having a blast.

mistahsinclair 07-06-09 07:53 AM

Sunny Slidell...late to this thread though!

I ride around the area here, anywhere from 10-80 miles depending on the time I have available. The longer rides usually include some portion of the Tammany Trace bike path (just to get away from traffic a bit).

Bonejaw 08-21-09 09:56 PM

St Charles Parish here.... I ride around luling and willowdale alot, and hit the levee bike path from the East bank bridge park to the Zoo and back a couple times a week if possible.

soappedaler 08-23-09 10:20 AM

Shumacher, notice your in Hammond. My sister and Mom live there and last year I visited with only my bike to ride, got dropped off. For 3 days went everywhere I needed to go and was surprised how courteous drivers were. Have tried to get my sister who needs to get in shape to ride, she lives east of the airport off of Highway 90 and says she can’t, because one of the hookers that used to walk the highway is now riding a bike along her work route.

TinyCycler 09-03-09 05:21 PM

Baker - Greater Baton Rouge - here. Just got back into cycling after 17 years.

JustJank 09-17-09 06:59 AM

Lafayette here, just registered. Started the summer with a Specialized Hardrock Disc after not riding for several years. Ended up swapping it for a Trek 7.5 FX to better suit the ride style I was leaning towards. I love wandering around Lafayette on the bike alone or with other folks and also take the bike out to Youngsville to ride with family.

I've only made it out to Critical Mass once here. The community response seemed to be pretty positive, unlike what people relate from other cities.

Da Tinker 09-17-09 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by JustJank (Post 9690857)
Lafayette here, just registered.

Come ride with us! I'm usually riding with 7 AM Sharp bunch.

JustJank 09-17-09 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by Da Tinker (Post 9692585)
Come ride with us! I'm usually riding with 7 AM Sharp bunch.

I'd absolutely love to, but I always start work at 8 AM on Saturdays. I need to get one of those "real" jobs soon so I can have a realistic schedule and actually make it to all these fun rides happening around town.

Da Tinker 09-19-09 05:57 AM

Fair enough. We do the same on Sundays.

sethwarncke 09-23-09 12:26 PM

Fort Polk, LA responding.

FunkyStickman 10-24-09 08:34 PM

Thibodaux/Houma LA, checking in. (I actually live in Schriever, between Thib. and Houma)

There's a local bike club, but their schedule is sporadic, and they all ride road (a.k.a. Carbon Fairy) bikes, so I generally bring up the back of the pack with my commuter bike.

Anybody in the area want to do some rides on Saturdays, or weekday evenings, I'm up for it.

Coinpurse 07-19-11 12:41 PM

Carencro checking in... I ride with a group out of Opelousas/Washington on Sundays. I can't believe this thread has been dead since '09.

FunkyStickman 07-21-11 05:07 PM

Yeah, pretty sad... I guess us Cajun's just aren't too into the bikeforums thing. I've enjoyed the heck out of my stay here.

Ansir 07-22-11 12:53 PM

Haha I read two pages of this before I realized it was so old, haha, NOLA here, looking for people to ride with.

Street Pedaler 07-24-11 03:51 PM

Bossier City, here. Hi.

khosch 07-26-11 06:22 AM

Howdy from the north shore
I live in Covington - and work in Algiers. So I don't get to ride much during the week.

heidiinla 07-26-11 10:43 AM

In Lafayette, checking in. I bought my Target hybrid for my birthday in May and began riding to work, 10 miles each way. I'm still skipping occasional days because of heat, but will not be able to after August 15th since I'm not renewing my parking permit.

oldfool 07-27-11 06:03 AM

Bayou Blue here. I ride for utility, solo and slow. The rain has sort of put a crimp in it

GrantH 08-22-11 08:55 AM

In Hattiesburg, MS for now. Come to NOLA every now and again. How's the safety in the city as long as your locked up good?

JusticeZero 08-28-11 02:26 PM

In NOLA. Safety seems fine to me on most roads so long as you keep an eye out for idiots, and I spend a lot of time on lesser roads. Though the pavement will eat a narrow tire alive.

Most of my experiences have been with
Mikes on magazine - knows a lot, doesn't sell things you don't need, but acts like bike mechanics is an arcane art for ascended wizards. Sells Sun, Origin-8, probably some other arcane stuff I didn't recognize.
Bike World in Jefferson - Good service and selection, but on the bad side I keep having to bring the bike in with problems - some of which don't appear till they work on it like the terminally loose chain on the IGH they waranteed by relacing the wheel with better spokes. major brands, fuji, raleigh, probably other stuff I didn't look too closely at.
The Bike Shop on Freret - sells Sun or refurbished and overpriced box-store bikes, claims to specialize in fixed/SS. Will helpfully sell you a spraypainted Walmart bike with a flimsy SS hub jury-rigged on for close to the retail value new and give fairly good service on it.
Westbank Cycles in Kenner - Major brands, Felt, Worksman, etc. Horrible location to bike to/from, but in their defense, that describes the entire city of Kenner, and they are located on a bus route. Good service. Tried very hard to make the cycletruck I got from them a good buy, until even they admitted it was obviously a lemon (though they assure me that they don't normally see that much fall apart on one).

A girl who transferred to UNO is trying to set up a bike club on campus. Apparently they need one more UNO student to sign on to make it official, if anyone knows anybody interested.

khosch 08-29-11 06:11 AM

So, JusticeZero - what was the final story on your Worksman? Did you replace it with something else?

JusticeZero 09-01-11 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by khosch (Post 13147575)
So, JusticeZero - what was the final story on your Worksman? Did you replace it with something else?

yep. If you see a white and red Giand Simple cruiser with big baskets all around, say hello.

jimmyzshack 10-06-11 01:28 PM

New in Houma here

jopo25 10-19-11 01:20 PM


Just moved here this spring. I've done some riding around the lakefront. Unfortunately right now I'm using a p.o.s. walmart bike i got in college, but looking for a new bike to do get a little more serious. BTW, any recommendations for bikes? These roads seem horrible, should I stick with something with some shocks? or would a road bike handle it ok?

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