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armybikerider 08-02-11 10:15 PM

Check your PMs!

nutmegTN 08-06-11 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by R_Z (Post 12516414)
Hello all. New to the forum. I'm in Memphis. I see most of you are in the eastern part of the state. Glad to see Tennessee represented!

Yay Memphis! :)

Anyone else going on the Cycle Memphis ride tonight?

cj51974 08-07-11 12:48 PM

armybiker, I got your PM, since the website does not allow me to answer PM till I get 50 post. I will

KtownScott 10-15-11 03:47 PM

Hey everone. I'm Scott and I'm from Knoxville (Karns area). I usually hit alot of the greenways mostly seems to be third creek. I used to have a group that I rode with on a reg basis, but life happens. So mostly have been solo. I Have jumped from mtb to hybrid, and now on my first raod bike. Would love to meet up and do some group rides if the opportunity presented itself. Current rides are Trek 1.5 and a GF Hybrid.

fiataccompli 10-15-11 05:35 PM

Welcome Scott. You should check out the Tuesday/Thursday greenway - west knox to downtown rides (you can get emails about them from the smoky mtn wheelmen mailing list). There are some group rides from shops for road bikes (more during the summer...guess this is a transition time right now) that are a good way to meet other road riders.

Mathias_TN 10-17-11 05:47 AM

John from Hermitage, TN here just outside of Nashville. I primarily ride the Stones River Greenway which starts at the Percy Priest Dam and runs to downtown at LP Field. I also recently participated in the Hoover Ride for Hope 62 mile route in Franklin, TN and will be attending the Scarecrow Century on October 22nd at Mt. Pleasant. I signed up for the 68 mile route but would like to attempt the 100 mile route if all goes well.

I usually ride the greenway after work and before school with is about 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday and then really early on Sunday mornings

labjr1 10-23-11 08:03 PM

Louie from Hendersonville, TN here. Over 40 Clyde that started road cycling 4 months ago mainly around the Hendersonville / Gallatin area. Have also been on a number of charity events in the middle TN area over the past couple of months.

benwahl 10-30-11 08:08 PM

Hello Volunteers,
My name is Ben (43)and I live in Nashville, I'm just getting back into biking after a 20yr. break. I plan on training and building a bike with a goal of doing 14 days touring in British Columbia next summer. I just bought a mid-eightys Shogun 500 road bike off e-bay and am enjoying fixing it up. Took a ride on the greenway today two-rivers to downtown and back- what a great ride. Just wanted to say hello and also ask if anybody knows of a easy 2 day ride near by with camping spot at night for a little test trip.

benwahl 10-30-11 08:18 PM

Added picture of bike
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and here is a pic of my new/old bike.
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benwahl 10-30-11 08:22 PM

Hello Mathias,
I just hit the greenway today (two-rivers to downtown and back) great day to ride. I also bike from the Donelson YMCA on the greeway as well. Enjoy the ride.

Disciple1 11-11-11 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by benwahl (Post 13432687)
and here is a pic of my new/old bike.
Attachment 225127

Looks fantastic! Great job!

Bradktn 11-27-11 07:26 PM

Scott, I'm new to road bikes, too. Heck, I'm new to bikes in general, just bought my first bike in 20 years a few months ago. I did a group ride yesterday that left from Fountain City Pedaler and did a 36 mile loop around House Mountain. This was the longest ride I had done to date, and the folks were very welcoming and accommodating of my pace. Saturdays at 10.

KtownScott 11-28-11 02:03 PM

Thanks Brad. I have been meaning to get out there and check that ride out. I have heard nothing but good things about the people that ride. I was about to do the Thursday night ride and then time changed and I work on Saturdays until 3. But maybe I can move some things around on my schedule and pull it off. I have done the House Mountain ride with a friend and really liked it. Thanks for the info.

GaryPitts 12-20-11 10:39 AM

Been here on BF for almost a year and just found this thread. Ha! I'm Gary and live in Gladeville (find that on your map!) between Nashville and Lebanon. I ride a GF Mendota hybrid. Love it! I ride the roads around Gladeville, the Nashville greenway (my fav!) and the Boro greenway. John from Hermitage, you know once you get to LP field you can ride over the bridge and the greenway continues on out to Metro Center and the TSU area? They're working on the greenway in Metro Center on top of the levee but you can jump off there and ride the roads down by Baptist Sports park. The roads in Metro Center are pretty bike friendly so it's a nice, easy ride. That's my favorite ride going from the dam out to Metro Center and back (except for the hill from hell there at Two Rivers, but I always feel good when I get to the top without having to stop :) It's 40 - 50 miles round trip depending on how many times you loop Shelby Bottoms. That's such a nice, flat loop by the river sometimes I'll ride it 2 or 3 times just to add miles.

This is my first year riding a bicycle since I was a teenager. Started off slow and by August I was up to 600 miles a month and, yes, I have a full time job. Ha! I've put 2800 miles on the Mendota since Memorial Day (when I bought it) and had another couple of hundred on the Schwinn I bought from Amazon before I wanted a better bike. I went from 230 pounds down to 187, but now that the weather is colder and wetter I've already put 10 of those back on and I'll be lucky to get 200 miles in this month.

Those that haven't been over to the Boro greenway, it's worth the drive over if you're close enough. Pretty flat and around 8 miles long if you ride the whole thing, so a 16 miles round trip. They've done a good job with it and the wife loves that one since it has no hills of note. There's nothing like the smell of fried chicken behind Dodge's Store after you've put in 20 or 30 miles. Ha!

I drove over to the Harpeth River ride this year and just watched. At the time I was riding 20'ish miles max. It amazed me when I saw a grandma, 65'ish yo lady come across the finish line after making the 65 mile ride. This year I plan to do that ride and I'm 57, so old enough to be a grandpa although the kids haven't honored me yet. It's been fun watching how the miles add up with time. I've ridden a metric century once and was pretty beat at the end of it, but I'll do 2 or 3 fifty milers a month in good weather, so it's very doable and it will be a good goal. Hope the hills aren't too tough near the end :)

Bought a mountain bike about a month ago thinking it would be a good distraction in the colder weather. Took it out to Jones Mill on my first ride. Boy do I have a lot to learn about mountain biking! I since went to Lock 4 with a friend and crashed trying to make a 2 foot drop. He made it look so easy :) I don't know if I really should be taking this up at my age. I need to spend some more time on the bike and learn some basics and we'll see. I've thought about setting it up like the Mendota and using it as a hybrid with front shock and mainly do paths and gravel roads and such. I'd like to ride the paths there in Shelby Bottoms and a few weeks ago I rode the gravel Cedar Forest road and took off under the high tension lines and that was kinda fun. I just don't know that it is wise to go through the learning curve of jumps and riding 10 mph right next to trees, etc. at my age.

Anyway, that's me. I'm glad I found cycling at my age. I'm pretty much a couch potato except for a 12 year stint playing racquetball a couple or three times a week. Hopefully, this is something that will carry me into old age and keep me in decent shape. Old age... Ba!

Disciple1 12-26-11 08:39 AM

Great post Gary! Enjoyed the reading and the info. :thumb:

Santaria 12-26-11 01:12 PM

What's the bicycling scene look like in Knoxville? Small, large, hipsters? Good road scene, mountains, cyclocross? Any information would be more than I have now:p

Thanks in advance!

KtownScott 12-30-11 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by Santaria (Post 13641684)
What's the bicycling scene look like in Knoxville? Small, large, hipsters? Good road scene, mountains, cyclocross? Any information would be more than I have now:p

Thanks in advance!

I think the bike scene is pretty good here in Knoxville. During the cyclocross season we have a local series called Knoxiecross. I have wanted to get in on it but never have. The road scene is pretty good as well with alot of group rides to get in on. And we are right next door to Haw Ridge a mountain bike paradise.

Afton 07-14-12 05:37 PM

Hello I live n Brentwood and ride a TRek Madone, my bike is much better than I am . Happy riding.

Gavush 10-04-12 10:54 PM

anyone going to suffer the weather @ Jack and Back this weekend? I'll be this:

PatrickGSR94 10-05-12 02:58 PM

Hey folks, I actually live just outside Memphis in DeSoto County, MS, but I'm originally from Memphis and ride around the Memphis area quite often.

I actually made a thread in the Regional Rides forum about the Cycle Memphis monthly rides. I first attended one in May of this year, right after I got back into cycling, and haven't missed one yet! I'm hoping the rain holds off tomorrow!

I've also been going on the Downtown Farmers' Market C/D level rides (since I'm still so slow), which happens the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, at 9 AM. The farmers' market ends in October until next Spring, so I'm not sure if they'll still have that ride over winter or not.

kknox 10-11-12 12:57 PM

Hello! I live in Knoxville (Karns area) and ride for exercise and recreation. I've been riding since about 2000 (with a few years off after I had a biking accident and my wife and I had twins) and now ride a Trek 2.1. I start most of my rides from my house and ride north over Copper Ridge and then northeast following Brushy, Bull Run, Raccoon, or Wolf Valleys (or some combination of these) out to Halls, Andersonville, or Big Ridge State Park. I love riding our there. There's very little traffic, lots of open space, and fun climbs over the ridges separating the valleys. Sometimes I'll ride southeast out Hardin Valley to Melton Hill Dam. Most of these rides are 30-50 miles. I see a lot of other riders going to and from the dam on Buttermilk Road, but very few on my routes towards Halls. I'll occasionally join a group ride and I hope to be able to join the Saturday rides from the Fountain City Pedaler now that it's cooling off and I don't have to get out so early on the weekend.

I also have a Gary Fisher mtn bike that I ride with my kids on various greenways. I've recently refurbished it with the hope of doing more mtn biking, but it's hard to find the time.

worthlees 10-21-12 11:37 AM

Hi y'all! Recently moved to Anderson county,TN from MI. My bikes & other stuff there in storage there. Bought a Murray mtb here for now.

fiataccompli 10-21-12 09:46 PM

Welcome to the area! If you're used to riding in MI, i'm gonna guess you may want more gears for road riding!

Aarchie 12-13-12 06:22 PM

I am big into road bicycling. I ride a 2001 Trek 5200, and I am thinking about buying a Scott CRI Pro or a Wilier. I now live in the Tri-Cities area, and I am really enjoying 20-50 mile rides on the country roads around Piney Flats and in other rural areas in Sullivan and Carter Counties. . . . lots of riverside roads, rolling hills, and challenging mountain climbs.

Velo Vol 12-13-12 11:12 PM


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