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crtbike 11-22-13 02:34 PM

I see where the Memphis Hampline has been fully funded now. Hooray for the Hampline bike route. I can not wait till they get it completed.

This will be nice to have the extension of the Greenline all the way down Tillman to Broad and then to Overton Park.


crtbike 11-22-13 02:41 PM


Not at all. We ride the Greenline generally every morning starting at 8:30'ish. If it is cold in the mornings, we usually wait till about 1:00 or 2:00 to ride. I am so excited about the Hampline (extension of the Greenline to Overton Park) total amount of money being raised so this construction can start. It will be so nice.

PatrickGSR94 11-22-13 06:22 PM

I'm very concerned about the proposed 2-way protected bike lanes on only the west side of Tillman, though, where it crosses intersections and driveways. You're basically riding on the wrong side of the road when going north, which is very dangerous when motorists are pulling out to turn right and only looking left (north) as they pull out.

If they go ahead with that plan I will likely continue to ride on the road as I have always done when riding between the Greenline and Overton.

crtbike 11-22-13 11:54 PM


I am not familiar with Tillman as it goes to Broad. I need to drive down there and see. I know where the area is, but have not been done there in a long time.

How do you go now from the Greenline to Overton?

I am sure they will have it all worked out.

I am looking forward to the fun ride in the morning.....Richard

PatrickGSR94 11-23-13 06:39 AM

When you get to the end of the Greenline, you turn right on Tillman to go north. Tillman crosses Sam Cooper and then you take the first left which is Broad. Take that west which ends up at a crosswalk right at Sam Cooper and East Parkway, which is the edge of Overton.

I'm thinking I will ride my bike TO the event today and back home again also. Should be a 40+ mile day. :)

ken72 11-23-13 05:25 PM

Checking in from Nashville TN.
40 years old
I ride an old Trek 800 as a hybrid.
I just purchased this old Trek $50 and cleaned it up to get into riding again. I may upgrade later but I really like riding this bike right now.

I used to ride trails when I lived in Columbia. Rode Chickasaw and out in Fairview a lot. Now I just ride road and the Greenway at Concord Park in Brentwood.
I find Tennessee is a great state to ride road but rough on the trail riders because of how wet it stays. Thats part of the reason I don't ride trail anymore. One year I remember it rained so much I didnt ride trails but once. Got so frustrated that I sold my Giant Warp and decided to go hybrid so I could ride more often. My Trek is a great combo of road and trail so I may give trail riding a shot again.

PatrickGSR94 11-23-13 05:58 PM

Welcome, post some pics of your bike in the Hybrid Pics thread! :)

ken72 11-23-13 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by PatrickGSR94 (Post 16272527)
Welcome, post some pics of your bike in the Hybrid Pics thread! :)

I did. I have a few in there under my own Trek 800 thread, and under the post your hybrid. Thanks for the welcome

PatrickGSR94 11-23-13 07:11 PM

oh yeah I remember them now. :thumb:

crtbike 11-25-13 02:33 AM


It was nice to meet you at the Cranksgiving fun ride on Saturday. I really enjoy the bike ride through midtown and downtown, that was neat and not much traffic either.

I hope you made it back to Southaven safely. How many total miles did you ride on Saturday?

I am looking forward to another bike group ride.

I hope that this weather warms up soon. It is too cold outside.

Lot of nice bikes at the race.....Richard

PatrickGSR94 11-25-13 09:35 PM

42.x miles for me. Going home with the tailwind was amazing! Stopped by Peddler on Highland and grabbed some toe covers like Cort (blue cargo bike) had on.

crtbike 11-26-13 02:37 PM

Patrick. Good job. :thumb:

That was one heck of a ride with winds like that I am sure. I guess I need to see about getting some toe covers. Do they really make a difference?

I have the strava app downloaded on my phone, but I have not started using it yet. I use the MapMyRide app, but would like to switch over to the Strava app. Is it good?

Hope to see you at another ride.


WebFootFreak 11-27-13 08:02 AM

Just my $.02... I went from Runtastic to Strava and I'm liking Strava a bit better. I'm just using the free version

thechemist 11-27-13 08:11 AM

A tennessee thread, neat! Checking in. Commute quite a bit

PatrickGSR94 11-27-13 03:14 PM

I tried MMR a few times and never liked it much. IMHO Strava is much better. I just like the look and feel of it better for one thing. Also I had it running for 3.5 hours and it barely used maybe 25% of my phone's battery charge.

crtbike 11-27-13 09:02 PM

I plan on using Strava in the morning on my ride at the Greenways.

WebFootFreak 12-02-13 04:47 PM

I took a ride yesterday from my house, across the I-55 bridge and back. I managed the ride without setting wheel on the Interstate (the bridge doesn't count). I made a little detour after I came back across to the AR side, and took a few pics I think you guys will hopefully like/find interesting.

This is a pic of the AR side of the Harahan Bridge and the onramp that is still there. The onramp is to the left, and the Harahan is the lower bridge (w/o a train on it). The lowest bridge is the beginning of the car lanes.

This view is the beginning of the onramp. Still in really good shape (visually). You can see a bit of the graffiti that is there.

Here is where the onramp splits. To the left is the north side of the bridge and to the right is the south side (closest to I-55)

Here is a view standing on the south lane, facing towards the river. There are still a few (VERY few) timbers left and the metal has obviously weathered badly. I can see where they want/need more money to do this.

This is straight across the lane from the last picture. This is how you would get to/from the north side of the bridge (the side they want to open). I would have walked over for a closer look but if you remember I said there are very few timbers left, and they were mostly rotten. Would they have held my weight? Probably. Did I want to find out if I was right? Nope.

Finally, I got a pic from under the start of the north lane. No reason to, I just did :D

I do have more pics on how I managed to get from the end of Broadway in West Memphis to the bridge... Suffice it to say, it was NOT pretty. It was so bad getting to the bridge that I jumped two fences to ride a farm road completely disregarding the "No Trespassing" signs :rolleyes:. I will continue to ignore said signs until the trail is up and running, but I don't plan on making this ride too often right now anyways.

crtbike 12-03-13 12:32 AM


Cool. Thanks for the photos. Those pictures are really interesting. They have walks over that bridge occasionally, however I was not able to go on the walk they had last month. The guy that does the walks gives a history of the bridge. I think that was be great to hear the history of the bridge. It is really going to be nice when they do get it renovated. I think it is will be neat to be able to ride from Tennessee to Arkansas.

I rode in that Cranksgiving fun ride and had a great time riding through Midtown and Downtown Memphis. That helped to get my confidence level up a little to ride in the bike lanes on the streets. There was 5 of us that did the fun ride and it was about 12 miles.

I took three days off last week when it was bitterly cold since I did not have any winter biking clothes. Since then I went to Outdoors, Inc and bought me a pair of fleece lined cycling tights. They are very comfortable and warm to ride in the cold weather.

We rode the Greenline today. The weather was perfect for riding. Tomorrow and Wednesday are both supposed to be nice weather. Today we spotted a bush that was decorated with Christmas ornaments. Tomorrow, I am going to take some tinsel to add to the busy........Richard

PatrickGSR94 12-03-13 05:47 AM

I rode with some folks last Summer from Revolutions Bike Shop down by the Metal Museum and then across then I-55 bridge and back, on the sidewalks. It rained on us that day.

WebFootFreak 12-03-13 03:37 PM

crt: I really wish I had been able to make Cranksgiving, but since my wife worked the night before... I was on kid duty.. he he he.

Patrick: yeah, you gotta love the 3' wide path right there in your pic. Very disconcerting having traffic that fast that close!

crtbike 12-04-13 07:46 AM


The Cranksgiving fun ride was very nice. That is the first time I rode with a group and also the first time I have ridden on the streets in a bike line. It made by confidence level increase a little about street riding. I still ride the Greenline (Mullins Station to Tillman and back) during the week and then on Saturdays I ride the Wolf River and Germantown Greenways. I have only been biking for about 2 months and I am really enjoying the biking. Anytime you are going to be in the Memphis and want to go bike riding on the Greenline or Greenways, just let me know.

There is a Jingle Bell Ride (sponsored by the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club) on Sat Dec 14th. I am interested in that, I have to look into that to see how fast they ride and how far.

WebFootFreak 12-04-13 10:14 AM

I took a look at the Hightailers' site. I may try to make this (I'm not sure what we have going on that day yet...

Also I'm attempting to run the Starry 4K on the 28th if anyone wants to come out and play :D

leeinmemphis 12-12-13 11:04 PM

I'm doing the jingle bell ride as well. I should be in a green velo mobile.

crtbike 12-16-13 12:34 AM


How was the Jingle Bell Ride. I was the guy at the corner of Colonial and Quince to see how many that was doing the ride. I wanted to do that but I did not join the MHBC until Saturday. I sent the invoice and a check in for my membership. What is the speed (MPH) on the group rides.

I am still fairly new to cycling. I start cycling in October. I went on a trip to South Africa and while in SA I booked a Mountain bike Tour. The internet brochure made it sound like it was just riding around on the mountain. Wrong. The tour company carried us to the mountain along with the bikes provided. The ride was down the gravel mountain paths. I prayed that if the Lord let me get down to the bottom safely I would never do that again. That was scarry.

Two of my friends and I ride the Memphis Greenline every day weather permitting. IN fact, there is a Christmas Tree that I helped decorate (added tinsel and tree topper). The tree is between High Point Terrace and Highland on the Greenline just before mile marker 5.5

crtbike 12-16-13 12:35 AM


How is your work commute going?

I did not do the jingle bell ride because I did not join the MHBC in time.

I am still riding the Memphis Greenline daily weather permitting.

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