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leeinmemphis 12-16-13 04:00 AM

crt I sent you a pm. Thanks.


Originally Posted by crtbike (Post 16333423)

How was the Jingle Bell Ride. I was the guy at the corner of Colonial and Quince to see how many that was doing the ride. I wanted to do that but I did not join the MHBC until Saturday. I sent the invoice and a check in for my membership. What is the speed (MPH) on the group rides.

I am still fairly new to cycling. I start cycling in October. I went on a trip to South Africa and while in SA I booked a Mountain bike Tour. The internet brochure made it sound like it was just riding around on the mountain. Wrong. The tour company carried us to the mountain along with the bikes provided. The ride was down the gravel mountain paths. I prayed that if the Lord let me get down to the bottom safely I would never do that again. That was scarry.

Two of my friends and I ride the Memphis Greenline every day weather permitting. IN fact, there is a Christmas Tree that I helped decorate (added tinsel and tree topper). The tree is between High Point Terrace and Highland on the Greenline just before mile marker 5.5

PatrickGSR94 12-16-13 12:18 PM

I would like to know how it went also. I've been under the weather for almost a week now.

WebFootFreak 12-16-13 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by crtbike (Post 16333424)

How is your work commute going?

Well, on Nov 1st, I managed to find a clean route from my house to the I-55 bridge. The only real hiccup is that I need to jump a couple of gates to use a gravel farm road from the end of Broadway in West Memphis to the road that goes behind the NB scales. Getting TO the bridge from Bridgeport road involves either riding the shoulder on I-55 from the end of the onramp to the walkway, or walking/riding up the embankment from the service road to use the south walkway. To use the north walkway, one has to swing down on the gravel road under the bridge and come up to where the on/off ramp for the Harahan Bridge is (it's just a bit further up).

Once I'm across the bridge, I'll need to figure out the best way to get to Lamar Ave which will get me to Airways, to Democrat and to work :D.. I've got the distance in me, but I'm not going to try it until it gets warmer and either 1) I have the time to make the ride home in the evening (The wife works nights, so I kinda need to be there before she leaves). Or 2) We have something planned in the evening, and she can pick me up at work so we don't have to worry about getting 2 vehicles home.

My commuting is probably not going to become a regular thing until I can get my speeds up high enough to make the ride in an hour or so. I do like having the option, though.

PatrickGSR94 12-16-13 02:07 PM

Airways and Lamar, holy nuts dude you better be packing on your bike. I've been on my bike down that way but I was with other people. I wouldn't be out there at night on a bike, alone. No way, no how.

WebFootFreak 12-16-13 03:52 PM

*chuckle* last time I made the ride, it was from Methodist University Hospital (downtown). My wife was still working days at the time. I can honestly say I got all kinds of weird looks flashing by everyone at 0730... I figured the "bad" element down there would still be sleeping off the night before :). I'm not too sure about making that run after 1630 tho... I wonder how much distance would be added if I went down Madison to East Parkway and it turns into Airways... but there's a couple of monster hills (to me) on that route...

crtbike 12-16-13 09:46 PM


I don't even drive down Lamar unless I have too. When I was little growing up Lamar, was a pretty nice street though. That was in the 60's and 70's.

I rode through Starry Nights with my friends tonight. It was nice to ride through and see the lights. The challenge was parking at Shelby Farms. We were going to meet a group of riders at Podesta, but we were running late. The weather was nice tonight when we rode through Starry Nights.

I don't know how much distance would be added if you went down Madison to East Parkway and it turns into Airways.

WebFootFreak 12-16-13 09:51 PM

Yeah... nice night. It was good to go run without 20 lbs of clothing.

I'm going to Starry Nights on the 28th... to run, lol!

Genaro 12-20-13 05:32 PM

Hi there everyone. I live in California, but will spend all of January and February in Lexington Tn. I'm looking for a used economical bike I can buy or rent from someone for my time out there. I'll end up buying a cheap magnetic trainer for use in the hotel I'll be staying in just so that I don't get too out of shape while I'm out there. If anyone knows anyone selling or who would be willing to rent me a bike.. 52 to 54 size would work.

crtbike 02-05-14 10:15 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I had to run an errand today, and I decided to go by Overton Park in Memphis to check out the progress of the Archway Entry to the Bike Plaza at Overton Park in Memphis. As I drove past the park I caught a glance of this and I wanted to share it with my bike forum friends from Memphis and surrounding area.

WebFootFreak 02-06-14 08:36 AM

Shamelessly swiped from the Memphis Hightailers FB page!

"The Youngblood Studio crew will be in the East Parkway parking lot all week, welding the bicycles onto the arches. Final installation is scheduled for this Saturday. If you're visiting the playground or the Old Forest, stop and check it out!"

Singlespeed92 02-06-14 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by Reedly (Post 4730196)
A quick search for a TN Roll Call thread turned up empty, so it seemed the best thing to do - Post one!!

Are you from TN? Say hello! Where do you ride? What do you ride? Why do you ride? Etc...

I'm 34, live in the Nashville area, and mostly ride Hamilton Creek in between training for local area races. Been mountain biking about 2.5 years now and still crazy about it! Decided to get into biking a couple years ago when my wife wanted to roller blade more. Started looking at bike shops for a bike to ride along side her, then stumbled upon the fact that there were trails through the woods for bikes!! Whew! It's all down hill (and up) from there!

Ellsworth Moment - for fun rides
Ellsworth Truth - to race
Surly 1x1 - to get faster?
Trek 6500 - indoor trainer bike

Hello :) Bristol TN here (born/raised 2 hours from here in VA,been here a couple years in this area). I ride Steele Creek park LOTS (cause it's right here in town),and try to hit Warrior's Path State park's trails regularly too,but I also still drive back to hit my former home-trails in VA and the VA Creeper (granted,the Creeper ain't a"trail" like singletrack,it's a rail trail,but I get some gravel grinding an dmileage in that way :P ) lots too. I ride because I have been since I was 4 in 1977 and I love to :)

Bikes are in my sig I think,but ordered a shiney new Surly Troll Tuesday :)

tn_roadie 04-15-14 06:52 PM

Tour de Nash and Tennessee Bike Summit
If you're visiting the capitol city or live in the area here are a couple of events.

The Tour de Nash is an urban ride around the bike lanes and trails of Nashville Tennessee on May 17. Join a 1,000 other riders to see the Music City.

Tour de Nash | Walk/Bike Nashville

The Tennessee Bike Summit will be held in Nashville on May 14-16 and will include speakers such as Kim Wiley-Schwartz of the New York City Department of Transportation and Jim Sayer of Adventure Cycling. The summit will include rides to inspect the Nashville bike infrastructure.

Tennessee Bike Summit | May 14-17, 2014. Nashville, TN

stardust cowboy 05-16-14 07:36 AM

East Tn here! Outside Knoxville. If anyone has done 'Ride the Plains', that's my stomping ground.

fiataccompli 05-16-14 01:21 PM

how far outside Knoxville?

stardust cowboy 05-21-14 11:05 AM

Just about 20 minutes east. Strawplains area.

FenderTL5 05-30-14 11:55 AM

Nashville TN...

I ride Bellevue to Lower Broadway most days (only drove 6x in 2013). I was using the MTA Bike-n-Ride for the bulk of the trip home but I've been riding all the way back home since the weather finally warmed above freezing.

knoxtnhorn 05-30-14 01:08 PM

Hey Stardust. Knoxville here. I did the Ride the Plains ride and ended up in the video on YouTube. Riding solo a few seconds in - just after leaving the parking lot.

bigaaronsrt 06-10-14 08:32 AM

Murfreesboro here!

colbydunkle 06-19-14 08:01 AM

Athens area here. Directly between Knoxville and Chattanooga. Started riding (MTB) a year ago and got hooked. Bought a road bike on CL this year and loving it. Ride MTB around Ocoee River and Road bike on back roads in the area.

2013 Specialized Hard Rock Comp Sport.
2012 Specialized Roubiax

BigJW 07-24-14 12:22 PM

I live in Dickson, TN, which is about an hour west of Nashville. My wife and I are both 42 and have recently gotten interested in cycling. I found her a nice Cannondale Quick 4 at Play It Again Sports, then I lucked into a sweet Giant Roam 1 on Craigslist, so we're both set up pretty well for dual sport riding. I'm a Clydesdale and she's an Athena, so finding bikes large enough for us at an affordable price was tricky.

We ride the rural roads around our house as much as we can. We are planning to ride Jack and Back in October, so we are working up to being able to do 110 miles in two days. Commuting to work unfortunately is not an option, since A. I have to wear a suit Monday through Thursday, and B. It's a 50 mile trek. So we ride as much as we can when we can for pleasure and exercise. We also have seven kids ages 2-18 who like to tag along. Pulling a little trailer with a 2- and 4-year-old sure adds to the workout!

PatrickGSR94 07-25-14 11:11 AM

yuck man, I lived 50 miles from my office for 18 months after I got out of college, and it was AWFUL!

bici_mania 07-28-14 12:18 PM

I haven't read through this whole thread yet.

I live in Wilson County and ride all around Wilson and Davidson county. I ride the BRAWC (Bike Ride Across Wilson County) every year and will be riding again this year. I am also planning to ride the Clarksville Sunrise Century this year.

Anyone here interested in either of these rides?

boatrider 05-10-15 06:04 PM

I'm in Sevierville, just checked out my bikes- going to give it another shot, but this is about the least bike friendly area I've ever seen- anyone riding Sevierville/ Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg?

wanton007 07-11-15 12:50 AM

I'm heading to Nashville in August and wanted to rent a road bike. Anyone have any recommendations on where to go for a road bike rental?

bici_mania 07-13-15 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by wanton007 (Post 17970094)
I'm heading to Nashville in August and wanted to rent a road bike. Anyone have any recommendations on where to go for a road bike rental?

Eastside does, I think...

EastSide Cycles

We have B-Cycle bike share now but those are not road bikes, just standard city-bikes. What size bike are you looking for and how many?

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