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JohnKScott 08-14-07 12:20 PM

Hi & welcome knoxroadie. Keep on ridiing. Hey, I'm an overweight 44 year old who has been riding for 3.5 months and I just completed a 77 mile ride last Friday and am considering doing my first century on 9/1 in Clarksville. If I can do it, you can probably do it better!! :D


garysol1 08-14-07 12:22 PM

West Tennessee representing.................

Velo Vol 08-14-07 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by knoxroadie (Post 5057746)
Where do you suggest?

There's nothing wrong with riding the greenways, if you're enjoying it. Every once in a while I do a little riding there myself.

I think, though, that if you start doing longer rides, you'll find them to be a bit constraining. The longest stretch in the entire system is 7 or 8 miles, isn't it? That's not really endless. :)

knoxroadie 08-14-07 01:42 PM

7-8 one way sounds about right. I always have to jump on the roads to hit the next section somewhere down the path. I'm less nervous on greenways, though I'm starting to get acclamated to riding with traffic.
By the way, I picked up a flyer at the LBS for an MS ride on 10/7-8 that I think goes from Nashville to Lynchburg. Don't remember off the top of my head. Anyone doing this or heard about it?

doghouse 08-14-07 05:12 PM

That would be the world famous MS 150, better known as "Jack and Back" as it is a ride to the Jack Daniels distillery and back. Try this link:

knoxroadie 08-15-07 09:02 AM


Timr1 08-31-07 08:30 AM

Hey knoxville people. Hi! Yes, I'm from Alabama and it is now football season, so be nice. :)

My parents live on Turkey Creek Road in Farragut. Any of you guys ride out there? Seems to be lots of bikers that come and go from Anchor Park...that's about 1 mile down the road from their house.

I'm headed up there this weekend, and may put my bike in the back of the ole mini-van. I'm a new roadie (or haven't riden any significant road miles since I was into it in high school) and need to spend some more time on the bike. I'll probably ride early sunday morning before church. Probably solo, but may tag onto the back of some bikers since there seems to be an endless parade of them passing in front of my parents house on any given Saturday or Sunday.

Nice to meet ya'll.

Velo Vol 08-31-07 10:33 AM

Hi Timr1.

I used to ride from Anchor Park a few times a month. But I haven't done it this year because the bridge at the end was being replaced (are they done now?). At any rate, there's good riding there if you bring the bike.

P.S. Saban will not save you. ;)

Timr1 08-31-07 11:20 AM

Hey Velo Vol,

Yeah, I forgot about the bridge being out. I'll call my dad today and find out. I need to know anyway so I will know how to drive to the house. I'll post a status on the bridge as soon as I find out.

check back in a couple of hours.

We'll see about Saban. I hear Ainge is out for tomorrow, pinky finger is or is not broken?

Velo Vol 08-31-07 11:44 AM

As far as cycling goes, I read on the Internet (but have not confirmed it in person) that if you go up into the new subdivision development on the hill right before the Turkey Creek bridge, there's supposedly a greenway-type path that will take you across to Virtue Road.

Here's some pictures I took on a ride a few years ago, with a shot of the aforementioned bridge.

Ainge's pinky is broken, but he's playing. It supposedly doesn't affect his throwing motion much. We'll see.

Timr1 08-31-07 12:13 PM

Hey Brian,

Cool picts. Question about routes. First, I know of the new neighborhood that you're talking about, so I'll check that out. But, if I go left out of my parents driveway...same way you would go from Anchor park...towards the bridge in question, and pretend that the bridge is open, do you guys usually turn left on Virtue road and continue on around the lake? Further down the road, when you get to the train bridge do you go under and then right or left?

Thanks for the info. And, good luck over Cal out in Berkley.

Timr1 08-31-07 12:31 PM

BTW, on the phone with my parents. The bridge is open.

Velo Vol 08-31-07 09:00 PM


At the bridge you'll want to take a left (or go right and then take an immediate left up the hill.) If you go right and continue you'll end up at Kingston Pike (busy road).

After going under the railroad tracks you can go either way--there are several options.

Here's the route I did when I took those pictures. It's 24 miles. It's not very easy to read on the map, but basically it's an out and back route with a short side trip onto Lakeside Drive and then a loop that goes past the dam.

If you want a longer ride with more climbing, here's another Farragut route I've plotted. It starts two or three miles away off of Kingston Pike.

Like I said, there are several different possibilities. Study the map and have fun.

jschu 09-01-07 09:45 PM

So who else is doing the MS150? If you see someone slogging away on a Kona hybrid at the brink of exhaustion, it's probably me.

cracker 09-06-07 05:21 AM

Chattanooga, TN here. I stay on the road a lot, but I love getting out on the mountain bike. I race whenever I can, mainly Tris, with the occasional road race or 12-24hr MTB race.

2006 Cervelo Soloist
2004 Trek Fuel 90

Emmy 09-06-07 09:19 PM

Hi, new member. Nashville, right here.

JohnKScott 09-07-07 07:59 AM

Hellow Emmy. Maybe see you out on the roads some time. Welcome!

mikepoole 09-07-07 09:19 AM


Mike in Nashville here. Mostly utility around town... hope to get the road thing going sometime soon but have #2 baby on the way, somehow I think that will keep me busy for a while.

JohnKScott 09-07-07 09:54 AM

Congrats Mike! Good to see you!

covenant 09-09-07 06:58 PM

Smyrna here (just south of Nashville). I ride the road only and just finished the Elk River 100 last Saturday. The Tour de Glade (Gladeville) is next Saturday and a guy from work and I will be attending that one also.

JohnKScott 09-14-07 01:58 PM

Cool! Howdy. Have a great ride!

Lamplight 09-22-07 05:39 PM

Murfreesboro here. :) My bikes are in my sig...well...most of them.

sceniccityred 09-24-07 05:40 PM

Hello everyone! Chattanooga here! I have just begun riding again after 30 years and ride mostly at the Chattanooga Riverpark. Gorgeous scenery around the river and great path. I just purchased a Trek Pure. It's just like being a kid again. Don't know where this bike thing is taking me, but I am open and day, maybe a road bike?


JohnKScott 09-25-07 10:17 AM


PhalanxJC 09-26-07 12:51 PM

Hey, Guys. Memphis, TN here. I commute 4 miles one way to med school with my wife on my newly purchased Trek 7.2FX

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