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Reedly 06-26-07 01:17 AM

Tennessee - Roll Call!
A quick search for a TN Roll Call thread turned up empty, so it seemed the best thing to do - Post one!!

Are you from TN? Say hello! Where do you ride? What do you ride? Why do you ride? Etc...

I'm 34, live in the Nashville area, and mostly ride Hamilton Creek in between training for local area races. Been mountain biking about 2.5 years now and still crazy about it! Decided to get into biking a couple years ago when my wife wanted to roller blade more. Started looking at bike shops for a bike to ride along side her, then stumbled upon the fact that there were trails through the woods for bikes!! Whew! It's all down hill (and up) from there!

Ellsworth Moment - for fun rides
Ellsworth Truth - to race
Surly 1x1 - to get faster?
Trek 6500 - indoor trainer bike

JIB 06-26-07 04:36 PM

Greetings from East Tennessee. I've been doing more road riding than mountain biking lately, but the pull of the woods is getting stronger. On the MTB, I'm usually riding Warrior's Path State Park or the Virginia Creeper trail. On the road, I just take off and see what happens. I don't get to ride nearly enough as I like, but I try to make the most of every ride. I can't remember not having a bike and when I'm on the bike, that's the only time I really feel free.

2006 DBR Podium 2
2005 Diamondback Topanga Comp
1999 S&M Holmes
1993 Giant ATX 780
1985 Redline RL 20II
1984 Schwinn Freeform EX
1982 Mongoose

rkimble 06-26-07 06:51 PM

I'm getting back into biking after not riding for the last 20 years. I just purchased a Trek 1000 for a bike ride I have coming up in September. It is a 230 mile ride up the Nathez Trace to raise money for the Kidney Trust a foundation the company I work for started to help people suffering from kidney disease.

I live in Ashland City and have only rode the country roads around here. I'm loooking for good areas to ride around Nashville and Brentwood. I getting fitted to my bike tomorrow at the LBS and plan on riding alot more often.

If anyone knows of any good areas to ride around the Nashville area please drop me a line.

Velo Vol 06-26-07 08:56 PM

I ride my Trek on the roads in and around Knoxville.

I ride for exercise, to see the countryside, and for my emotional well-being.

Reedly 06-26-07 10:40 PM


Are you looking for mountain bike trails? Or roads to ride?

If you're looking for mtb trails, and/or people to ride with in the Nashville area - check out and the message board there! Lots of people to get hooked up for rides, info, etc...There are many trails in the Nashville area, all within less than an hour's drive. Hamilton Creek is right in the city limits and is one the most techy trails in the area.

fiddlefixins 06-27-07 03:30 AM

Velo Vol - another cycling attorney. I went to UT law, I vaguely recall.

My wife Gianna and I ride around western Blount County mostly. Generally leave from our shop Gianna Violins on Unitia Road just west of Friendsville most mornings about 8:30. 25 miles usually. Also head up to Foothills Parkway, the Dragon, etc. Over into Loudon County over the bridge on 321. Sometimes other places.

Thinking about doing a little mountain biking. I feel I'm probably too old and wise to do that, but I have a bike and so does she. Might be fun.

I've been riding since the early 1970s. Lately have been riding an XFusion AL/Carbon frame, Veloce, FSA compact. A bit harsh after 40 miles or so. Picked up a "Windsor Bradford" - XFusion XLT/carbon. Both are Kenesis productions. Different design to the Bradford and the lighter tubing. Seems smoother and more supple. Don't know how it climbs. Full DA except American Classic wheels. Still in the evaluation stage. Love the components, so if the frame doesn't pan out I'll find something cool to hand them on. She's got one and really enjoys it, that's why I got one.

We generally ride at a moderate pace. About 20 on gentle stuff, average about 15 or 16. We're faster without each others company. Tend to goof off and talk, all that social stuff when riding together. Company would be fun, if anyone wants to ride out in this direction.

Velo Vol 06-27-07 10:12 AM

Hi fiddlefixins. Maybe I'll try to hook up with you sometime. I've not done much riding around Friendsville.

Sluggo 06-28-07 08:26 PM

I ride traditional steel, wandering the roads of south and sometimes east Knox county, Blount, and Sevier counties. Also commute daily to downtown from south Knoxville. And I also do the occasional bike camping trip.

I am a member of the bike advisory committee to the Transportation Planning Organization and a League Cycling Instructor.

Hill Climber 06-29-07 06:16 PM

Greeneville here.
Roadie all the way. I don't have much interest in mountain biking, although I do most of my biking in the mountains :D

MeanMike 07-02-07 10:06 AM

Hendersonville, TN here 20 min. north of Nashville. I ride at Lock 4 in gallatin some when I have time. Otherwise I just venture out around town. I ride a Cannondale M400 MTB and as soon as I hit some goals for myself, I'll be getting a nice road bike. I ride because it's the only exercise I have found that I enjoy.

Ol Danl 07-02-07 10:21 AM

Hey, I'm in Chattanooga, and mostly just a recreational rider. I'd like to mention that our annual 9 day music festival, Riverbend, was last month, and for the second year, they had valet bicycle parking. My first year to try it. You parked at any of the several parking areas along the Riverpark, and rode your bike along the lighted path. The service is provided as a joint effort by Bike Chattanooga, Outdoor Chattanooga, and Hamilton County Step One. They did a very good job, and it was a nice experience. Got to ride back along the river about 10 o'clock at night, through various wooded areas, and didn't even need lights.

Haptown 07-08-07 01:40 PM

I live in East Nashville and I use my bike for getting around the neighborhood, pulling my kids in the trailer, running errands downtown and just for fun and exercise.

I ride a late 70's Fuji Touring bike that I scored on Craigslist this past winter - took off the drop bars and added mountain riser bars. A few other new things have made this bike a great everyday rider.

My other bike is a Cannondale F500 mountain bike. I usually ride that down at Shelby Bottoms. I used to go out to Hamilton Creek but there were too many strange things going on in the parking lot of that trail so I haven't been out there in a few years. Also, I don't like to venture into the suburbs unless I have to and the traffic is awful and there's just too many people out there. Just give me the peace and quiet of an inner-city neighborhood.

eye3md 07-08-07 06:02 PM


I live in Kingsport.

My mountain bike is a Trek Fuel 90. Mountain biking is how I started biking but I do not hit the trails much anymore. One too many crashes and it is just easier to get on my road bike, leave the house, and go.

My first road bike was a Trek Pilot 5.2. I got it last summer and rode it for about 3 months. After taking the winter off (ie, being lazy), I got the bike back out in March. Now I am absolutely addicted to road riding. My wife got me a Trek Madone SSL X for my birthday and I cannot ride it enough.

Most of my riding is with friends around my area of Kingsport. I just recently started trying to do a Tuesday night pack ride. The only problem is I finish work too late, get to the pack ride late, and then end up as a pack of ONE. That's not good for training/learning how to ride a paceline!

I participated in my first century yesterday and plan to try more.

Cycling is such a great "community" of folks.

Everyone be safe,


JohnKScott 07-10-07 02:29 PM

Hey all!

Sounding off as ordered. I am 44 and living in Franklin, TN. Until mid-April, I hadn't been on a bike of any sort for about 23 years. I'd probably be considered a Clyde, and a Fred :). I decided to get into the sport slowly (and cheaply) to see if I liked it. I got myself an Ibex Corrida (flat bar road bike) for about $400 (I actually like the bike quite a lot and after a good tune up from the LBS it's running like a champ). I got myself a helmet, some cycling shorts and tossed on my YMCA t-shirt and off I went.

A hill or two around here kicked my but at first, but I have since conquered them. Last weekend I invested in some Speedplay Zero pedals and got a good deal on a pair of 2005 Diadora carbon shoes (can't remember the model exactly...light racer or something). The pedals and the shoes feel great! I am definitely a beginner on the road. Been riding solo for almost three months now and am logging in about 250 - 300 miles per month. Those hills that used to kill me are now a lot easier (don't have to shift to the small chain ring on some of them any more). My average speed by month is going up substantially. I've lost a pant size and a few pounds and between this and the swimming I've been doing my bod is getting much firmer (still have some more firming to do). In the 3 months I've been cycling I've increased my max ride lengths from about 15 miles to about 40 miles and I'm planning an approximately 80 mile ride in August. I've already ridden in 3 states and after the 80ish mile ride I'll have ridden in 4 states. Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa (the 80ish mile ride will be along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

I have learned a lot by lurking here. Especially about hydration and nutrition which I am finding very useful on my "longer" rides. At some point I might be interested in some group rides. I feel I'm getting a pretty good command over the bike now and could probably keep up with a beginning to intermediate group (15 - 18 mph pace over rolling terrain). Three months into this sport I am really enjoying it and I'm in MUCH better shape than I was 3 months ago. If I keep enjoying it this much, there may be a new, more expenseive, bike in my future...

Well, that's me. At leaset as it related to cycling. Nice to meet you all!!

doghouse 07-18-07 08:42 PM

Scott, come see us in Clarksville.

alroadrider 07-19-07 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by doghouse (Post 4882225)
Scott, come see us in Clarksville.

I'm going to make this ride my first full century. There's a pretty good-sized group of us coming from Huntsville, AL.

doghouse 07-19-07 02:16 PM

alroadrider, See you there! God willing and the creeks don't rise!

JohnKScott 07-23-07 01:52 PM

Wow...that looks cool. I'll have to see how I fare on my 80ish (actually 76.5 now that I mapped it) ride in a couple of weeks. If I can do that, I would probably be able to pull off a century. Especially a "flat" one :D. I'll have to see what the family plans are that weekend. How cool would it be to do my first C less than 5 months after I hauled my oversized gut on to a bike and started riding. I can guarantee I won't be going off with the elite peleton (even though in watching the TDF coverage it sounds intriguing ;) :D). A 25 mph average speed is a fair ways off yet.

Thanks for the info!! Maybe see some of y'all there!

Velo Vol 07-24-07 08:26 AM

Nice progress, JohnKScott.

Good luck on the 80 miler.

JohnKScott 07-24-07 12:33 PM

Thanks!! :D

knoxroadie 08-12-07 03:37 PM

Hey guys,
My name is Alex. I'm new to the forum, and I've been into biking for about a year now. I'm a Nashville native, but I really love riding in Knoxville. Got hooked when I bought a Trek 7.2FX last fall for campus commuting at UT. Technically I live in Hermitage, so I've spent a little bit of time on the Stones River Greenway, but with my work schedule I haven't had a chance to get in much this summer. I love riding in Knoxville because theres this practically endless system of greenways that go everywhere. Third Creek is a favorite because it has a good twisting trail with some smaller hills to practice consistency with cadence, plus it links to a few really cool bike shops. I ride because its the only way I enjoy getting in shape. I feel like I'm accomplishing a goal. If I ride 10 miles in one direction, my only way to get back is to ride 10 miles back, kinda thing. If I go into a gym, I leave when I get tired, but cycling forces me to keep going. Plus getting outside just feels good. I got a road bike a couple months back and just put on new pedals for some more serious riding in Knoxville. My first goal is getting to a 30 mile non-stop trip, then 50, then 75. I hit the 25 mark before school let out, but I've only ridden maybe 15 miles since then, so I'm pretty much starting from square one.

2006 Trek 7.2FX
2007 Trek 1500 (brand new, waiting for Knoxville's greenways in a week)

Velo Vol 08-13-07 07:58 AM

Hi, knoxroadie. Welcome to BikeForums.

If you keep riding, you'll soon be setting longer and longer goals.

By the way, where are the "endless" greenways you speak of? ;)

knoxroadie 08-13-07 09:45 AM

^^ I say there's enough of them???...hahaha. If you take Neyland down to the docking area, take the overpass, get off at the first exit, hang the first right, then the first left you open up to a pretty nice trail that follows the river. Has a couple of cool spots that hit you with an amazing breeze and downhill sections that aren't so fun when you have to go back up them. :) My goal is to see where that section ends. That's a favorite section so far. Where do you suggest?

jschu 08-13-07 03:10 PM

Gonna be living in Sewanee come September. Ride a Kona Smoke. Mostly road, occasional dirt path, not all that into the whole mountain biking thing. I ride because it's fun

Usetacould 08-13-07 03:14 PM

Well I'm almost in Tennessee. Bristol is just a few miles down the road, and we go to Johnson City a good bit.

I mainly ride on the road, but I have a mountain bike that I take out occasionally.

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