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larryfeltonj 06-18-12 03:53 PM

48 miles, although some of it was unintentional (part of my trip was was to be taken by train, but some sort of medical emergency at one of the MARTA stations stopped the trains, so I just cycled for that leg of the trip, too).

RonH 06-19-12 02:18 PM

Did 32 miles today. I've finally worked my way back up to 2 laps around the mtn. :beer: It's tough getting "old". :rolleyes:

kjc9640 06-21-12 04:56 PM

43 miles today just beat the rain.

Ron, your wife will not have any problem finding thigs to do. But if she does and you want to trade housing locations. I will be here for you to talk to. I would move over that way in a heart beat. :-)

larryfeltonj 06-21-12 05:55 PM

Yes, but only for a few miles. I was doing some tune-up on the bike, and my ride consisted of adjusting, then riding for awhile to test, then adjusting again, etc. I doubt I got five miles of actual riding in.

zzOtherlandzz 06-22-12 06:43 PM

yep.... 23 miles of wet wet wet riding just before dark today... On the PLB trail & up towards Gold Head State Park.... Almost had the trail to myself in the rain. Have to dry stuff out for the morning ride now (shoes, gloves)...

Went out for a morning ride Wednesday too.. With the nephew (who has not been on a bike in about 5 years) and 2 friends. Good ride about 17 miles.... Nephew had a flat....

wxflyer 06-22-12 07:34 PM

Yes, but not according to plan. Work got in the way, so I was unable to slip out and get my ride in. So I made a couple of passes down the hall. At least I got ON the bike, so it wasn't a total loss! Tomorrow!

mrz80 06-23-12 12:10 PM

We have our church picnic out at Fanning Springs. My 18yo and I rode out from Gainesville - 36 miles exactly at about 15.5MPH. Not bad, not bad. Only got sprinkled on once just east of Trenton. Amanda kept up just fine. Yay. She told everyone I'm a cool dad for riding with her. :-)

Mike Kimball 06-24-12 06:54 AM

I was planning a 45 mile ride with a group this morning but it started to pour as soon as I pumped my tires up. Going to be pretty soggy weather the next few days in Central Florida.

Lindaosm 06-24-12 02:18 PM

only managed to get in a little under 6 miles yesterday at the Baseline Trailhead in Ocala. Didn't want to get too far from the truck...don't mind the rain but I'm not much on the lightning. Today, it's been raining hard all day so this weekend has been a bust. Guess Debbie is out there just west of us kicking up her heels.

zzOtherlandzz 06-24-12 03:00 PM

I did ride yesterday.... In the morning only got sprinkled on. 21 miles and a relaxed pace bs'ing with bill... Cool ride on some roads I had not been on before.

RonH 06-26-12 11:31 AM

Where did the wind come from? I had a head wind all the way to Stone Mtn. When i wasn't riding into a head wind there was a cross wind. :o
Had a tail wind for much of the ride home. :)
Did a whopping 22.4 miles. :rolleyes:

lookinUp 06-27-12 10:20 PM

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Ah yes, lots of rain... but look what we have to look forward to. I used the last few rainy days to take my bike to the LBS. Get her back tomorrow and planning a nice, dry sunny ride.

RonH 06-28-12 01:04 PM

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I know you FL folks are glad that Debby is gone so you can ride. :thumb:

The summer heat is really building up around here. Did 27.4 miles in the heat today. Not sure if I'll be riding for the next few days. HOT! HOT! HOT!

I may get out on Monday when the temperature is a little cooler. :o

RonH 06-30-12 01:10 PM

I decided to head out early today, before the temperature got too hot. It was only 78 when I left home and 91 when I got back. Its currently 102 and I'm glad I'm inside. :) Supposed to get up to 106 today. :eek:
Even though I left early several cyclist passed me on their way home. I guess they went out at sunrise. I did 27.4 miles.

zzOtherlandzz 06-30-12 05:57 PM

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Yep.... I rode today... 57 miles... The heat almost won... but I made it back to the truck. Started out in the AM about 9:30ish. Bill had a blow out on his NEW (first ride on them tires)... Bad enough that we couldn't patch it. He called his wife we rode about 2 miles to a store got some cold drinks and rode back, just as his wife was getting there with a new tube. Was a great ride and and inspirational ride when we met Mark Stephan (and his wife and crew) on the second to last day of his ride across the US. I'm not sure but I may have read about Mark on here a month or 2 ago. Mark had a bike accident and was paralyzed from the neck down. You can read about him here -----> It was a totally random encounter!!

zzOtherlandzz 07-01-12 08:40 PM

Yep... 27.5 miles.. The Sunday evening ride.... I kind of bonked with about 7 miles to go. The last 7 miles were a bit slow... The heat of the last 2 days caught up with me I guess. Still a fun ride with good food and BS'ing after..

kjc9640 07-03-12 05:49 PM

68 miles today in this heat what was I thinking???

Club ride tomorrow 30 miles then the club picnic at Trimble Park.

RonH 07-04-12 07:05 AM

Did my usual 27.4 miles ride to Stone Mtn yesterday. My Felt is still kickin' my butt. My average speed on it is slower than on my Litespeed. Sure wish I could figure out why. :o

zzOtherlandzz 07-04-12 03:13 PM

30.5 miles .. Got too close to the middle of the day... TOO HOT!! Good ride though..

RonH 07-05-12 07:42 AM


Originally Posted by RonH (Post 14438754)
My Felt is still kickin' my butt. My average speed on it is slower than on my Litespeed. Sure wish I could figure out why. :o

I did some measuring and comparing between both bikes. Seems the handlebar on the Felt has a bigger curve in the drop so the brifters are about 2 cm farther forward than on the Litespeed. I ordered a shorter stem yesterday. Got my fingers crossed.

kjc9640 07-05-12 05:20 PM

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Didn't ride today but did 68 on Tuesday then 23 at the club ride and picnic Wednesday. :)

Three of our members rode there Penny Farthings for about 30 miles. The picture in the middle was taken on the north side of Lake Dora. This is the private lakeside dock of a very expensive home. That is a wood carving of an eagle that my bike is leaning against. As I was riding along I found the American Flag on the road so I stopped and picked it up and put it in my seat bag. About 3 miles later it dropped out of my bag and I didn't realize it until I reached Mt. Dora. I retraced my route for a short distance but did not find it.:(

RonH 07-06-12 02:48 PM

Tried to get out early but it didn't happen. :o
Rode out to Stone Mtn and did a lap around the mtn and started a second lap but it was just too hot so I turned around and headed home. Did a total of 31 miles.

zzOtherlandzz 07-07-12 07:52 AM

Yep rode yesterday (Fri) We started out at about 9am.. And after about 17 miles out decided it was getting too hot.. Of course by the time we got back it WAS too hot. Ended up riding about 32 miles. Good ride.... but too hot towards the end.

Lindaosm 07-07-12 10:34 AM

Well, been riding the Withlachochee Trail. On Wednesday we rode from Central Ridge park to the north end and back. Only 13 miles but I'm trying to work on my speed now. Today we got out early, well, early for us...around 9:30. Started at Central Ridge and headed south...was getting really hot so we turned around. Only got in 11 miles but it seems like we are doing it in less and less time. Hoping for a ride tomorrow but it needs to be early!! Think we're staying off the mbs for awhile and out of the preserves as the mosquitos have been horrible. We just finished a new front porch for the front of the house and we can't even enjoy it yet.

kjc9640 07-07-12 11:21 AM

Did a nice relaxed 40 miles today. Got out at 7 am and rode about 20 mile solo then ran into some club members and rode another 20 with them. Got home and the wife fixed me a big bowl of cheese grits then I had a bowl of strawberry icecream now I am ready for a nap.

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