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RonH 01-01-13 03:34 PM

The weather was gorgeous today. :)
Lots of folks on the Withlacoochee Trail. Many new bikes so I guess they were Christmas presents or something to do with New Year's resolutions. I hope they continue riding. :thumb:
Rode from Inverness to the north end and back for a total of 32.7 miles.

qcpmsame 01-01-13 05:44 PM

Weather here was gloomy, clouded and windy with scattered showers ahead of the cold front coming in. Got in a ride between afternoon showers, wind died down too so all was copacetic for the riding, bring in the New Year the right way, on a bicycle.


RonH 01-05-13 04:16 PM

I got out for a ride on the Suncoast Trail. Rode the Litespeed from US98 to Anderson Snow park and back.
When I got back to the parking lot a cyclist who passed me earlier was loading his bike on the back of his car. We got to talking and he asked if I paid the $3 fee because he didn't see a parking sticker on my car. I told him there were no envelopes at the pay station (never have been any). As a side point I mentioned that the pay station at SR50 didn't have a lock on it so anyone could get the cash out of it. He said that the parking is "provided" by Hernando County and the fine for not paying or not having a sticker was $100. :eek: I thought the Suncoast Trail was a state park. :innocent:
So I got home and found the application for the sticker online. Costs $35 for 12 months (Oct 1 thru Sep 30). Now I have to decide of I want to mail it and wait for the mail lady or make the long drive to Brooksville. :o

Anyway I rode a total of 37.6 miles.

Now I'm going to stretch out on the couch and watch a movie on Netflix. :)

FLvector 01-06-13 08:50 AM

Ron, the annual cost for the Pasco County parking hang tag is $60, so you're getting a deal for Hernando. I get my monies worth, so I'm not complaining. Enforcement is very random and it depends where you are in who is enforcing. Probably the sheriff's dept at the trailhead. I usually just pay as you go at Anderson Snow, or keep the hang tag for future use. Bugs me that you can park all day to use the ball fields, but have to pay to ride the trail. Good to see you're enjoying the SC trail. You have the fun end with the nice rollers. You should try San Antonio sometime. Did that yesterday. Lots of rural roads with some challenging hills. Enjoy.

RonH 01-06-13 09:12 AM

When we were here last winter for 2 months the daughter of our neighbor used to own (or maybe they still own) the bike shop in San Antonio. We were talking one day and I told her that my other bike was a 2011 Felt Z4. She said they were a Felt dealer. Might have to head down there one day.

Lindaosm 01-06-13 04:35 PM

great day for riding. Started out a little cool and overcast but warmed up nicely. Inverness to Floral City and back with a small side trip to downtown Inverness. Overall about 16 miles. Started clouding up as we were leaving so we timed it just right.

RonH 01-08-13 06:36 PM

I took the Felt and my brand new parking sticker to the US98 trailhead of the Suncoast Trail. Decided to do some exploring so rode to about 1.5 miles south of County Line Rd. Stopped at Anderson Snow for water on my way back north. Did a total of 42.3 miles. :)

RonH 01-10-13 01:08 PM

Just got back from riding the Suncoast Trail. The winds were brutal. :notamused:
Had to stop at the Brooksville Trailhead to rest and put my legs up. After a 15 minute rest I decided to head back to the car.
Did 24.6 miles.

zzOtherlandzz 01-10-13 08:06 PM

Haven't been on the bike much lately... Remodeling living room & dinning room... But did get out for a short night ride last night on the road bike about 14 miles.. Just a few sprinkles... And today went for a ride on the mountain bike with a friend in Etoniah Creek State Forest. AWESOME weather... Some cool single track, some cool service roads.... and yep.... some sand. We rode just a shade under 18 miles... And I was whooped at the end.... But had a great ride!!!

zzOtherlandzz 01-13-13 11:24 PM

Yep.... Got out for a ride on Sunday.... Bike and picnic with Putnam Blueways & Trails group. We had a ride on the rail trail on State Road 207 just outside of St. Augustine. AWESOME weather... I ended up riding about 33 miles....

RonH 01-15-13 03:34 PM

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Took the Litespeed out for a short ride on the Suncoast Trail. It was kinda windy going south and had a little assist from the tailwinds heading north.
Stopped at Anderson Snow park for water and a Gu gel. Also stopped at this tree and memorial garden. Notice all the wind chimes? I didn't count them but it looked like a couple of dozen at least. Very nice and quite relaxing.
Did a total of 38 miles.

mrz80 01-20-13 08:36 PM

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Been a while since I spun the two wheels, thanks to holidays, travel, work, more work, several bouts of the creeping crud with wailing and gnashing of teeth and antibiotics... let my firstborn talk me into disembarking the couch this afternoon...

Yep, that's steel-frame skinny tire snob Yours Truly, perched on a roughly mountain bike shaped agglomeration of aluminum alloy and knobby tires, heading up a new trail that said firstborn found. It runs along a right of way that the county thinks will someday be a new road, extending 83rd Street north from 39th Ave. up to Millhopper Road just before the Interstate overpass. Other than being skittish about being off-road on wet leaves for the first time in a couple of years and the rapid chill at sundown setting off my sinuses it wasn't bad. Kid's in MUCH better shape than I am (I flatter myself to append "at the moment" :) ).

zzOtherlandzz 01-21-13 07:02 AM

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Yep.... Got out for a ride or 2 Sunday... Six of us went to the grand opening of the mountain bike trail at Mosses Creek Sunday morning. Mosses Creek is St. Johns Water Management land, it is on State Road 206 just before the draw bridge near Crescent Beach. I used to ride the multi use trails there all of the time. They added about 5 miles of single track just for mountain biking now though. It was fun, and they did an awesome job cutting the trail but..... Just a bit too many palmetto roots for my liking. Sections of the trail were great and sections just toooo many roots. The 6 of us did a loop on the trail and then we kind of split up and 3 did the loop again and 3 of us checked out some of the other trails. The 3 that did the loop again (not me) did it a bit faster, kind of racing each other... We found out later all 3 of them either fell or hit a tree... :P Here is a short youtube video I shot of part of the trail that was a bit less full of roots..

On the way home from the Mountain bike ride.... Got a text from a friend asking if was going to do the normal Sunday afternoon ride... Sooo after messing around in Palatka for a little while I just took my mountain bike and drove straight to the PLB trail and did a short leisurely ride (12 miles) with friend & his new girlfriend who just started riding...

Great day on the bike... Lots of laughs and fun.... and the weather was awesome.....

DirecTV blimp following State Road 100 while riding the PLB trail. The other 3 were at Mosses Creek... Weird tree on the MTB trail and pictures at the scenic overlook on the older multi use trails.

zzOtherlandzz 01-21-13 07:22 AM

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Ohhhh yeah.... Rode Sat also.. Putnam County Parks and Rec along with Putnam Blueways & Trails group put on an even at Rodeheaver Boys Ranch. Was supposed to be a Mountain bike ride, Road bike ride and a kayak thing. When I got there most of the people I knew were just heading off on a kayak ride... I declined that offer.... and went on a mountain bike ride in Caravelle Ranch and along the barge canal. The ride along the canal was really scenic... And going under the bridge on State Road 19 ... that was kind of cool... You don't really realize how HUGE that bridge is until you ride your bike under it... Ended up riding about 18 miles on the trails..

RonH 01-21-13 06:49 PM

I haven't been out since Wednesday (1/16). We were doing new house stuff Thurs and Fri and I was sick Sat, rested Sunday.
Rode the Suncoast from US98 to County Line Rd. Turned around and stopped at Anderson Snow for water. Had enough of a headwind all the way north to wear me out. :notamused:
Did a total of 40.7 miles.

zzOtherlandzz 01-21-13 10:31 PM

Yep.... got out for a night ride with 3 friends on the PLB trail. We rode about 20 miles... Had some laughs, had some fun.. 100% better than staying home watching tv!!!

qcpmsame 01-22-13 06:15 AM

Mananged to get back on track with a nice mid-afternoon ride after missing Thursday through Sunday while in Atlanta to see our daughter and deliver her a C'dale R500 so she can ride more. Pleasant ride but a persistent North wind with some breezy gusts to keep you awake.


RonH 01-24-13 06:55 PM

I forgot that it was cold last night. Went riding with no arm warmers or base layer undershirt. :innocent:
Rode the Suncoast from US98 to County Line Rd. Had a strong headwind all the way north which made it even cooler. :eek: I was glad to to get back to the car.
Did 39.8 miles.

FLvector 01-25-13 05:30 PM

Ron, we crossed paths yesterday, but not at the same time. Road from SR 54 to Anderson Snow ball fields. Yep, headwind was there on the way up and calmed down on the ride back south as the sun was setting. And got very cool near sunset. Beautiful day to ride.

RonH 01-28-13 02:52 PM

Haven't ridden since Friday. Went fishing all day Saturday with our company. They left yesterday so we rested. I guess one day wasn't enough because I still felt tired once I got on the bike today and the head wind from the south didn't help. :o
I picked up a new saddle at Brooksville Bicycles on Saturday. Removed the 3 year old Specialized Phenom from the Litespeed and put on the new saddle, a Specialized Romin Comp Gel. Much nicer ride than the Phenom.
Did a comfortable 28.2 miles. :beer:

zzOtherlandzz 01-28-13 08:29 PM

I'm still stuck in the middle of a remodel..... Uggggg no TV and sporadic riding for the past 3 weeks or so... ugggggg.... But I can at least see the finish line now... (if the line doesn't get moved that is)... Turned down a mountain bike ride with friends early Sunday (would have been an all day thing)... Worked on the remodel for about 6 hrs... Decided to go do the normal sunday evening ride (although some of the regs were still of mountain biking)... Had a good, short leisurely 18 mile ride.... Got me out of the house for a little while... Came back home... Got back to work for a few more hours...

RonH 01-31-13 08:28 AM

Got out early yesterday hoping to beat the wind. Didn't happen. The wind started as I was putting the bike in the car. :o
Managed to make it to the SR50 trailhead. The super-strong headwind wore me out so rested for a bit and then headed north. I hit 31 mph on the flats in one spot with the strong tailwind. :thumb:

I wish I had remembered that I had my iPhone (camera) to take a few pics. I was heading north and saw a car heading toward me probably near the 35 mile marker on the Suncoast. At first I thought it might be a trail volunteer, then saw a man and woman in the car and they didn't look like volunteers. I tried to get their attention as they passed to ask what they were doing on the trail but they ignored me and kept going. How/where did they get on the trail? Where did they get off?

RonH 02-02-13 06:00 PM

Took the Litespeed out today. Lots of other riders out on the Suncoast. I remembered that it was cold last night so dressed properly. :rolleyes:
Did 35.6 miles.

Lindaosm 02-03-13 04:06 PM

yesterday nice ride out in the Halpata Tastanaki Preserve near the Dunnellon airport. About 3 miles in we ran into 2 women on horses who were lost. They were so happy to see us. Sounded like they had been riding in circles for awhile. Strange.. there are trail maps in the kiosk as you enter. Anyway...directed them back to the parking area. They were very thankful. About 16 miles of sand/grass and some shell rock riding and no willdlife sightings.
Today, about 17 miles on the Withlachochee. Started at the north end (mistake) with the winds to our back. Turned around...strong head winds all the way back.

fyi for those that ride this trail. Noticed on the kiosk at the Gulf Junction trailhead that they are going to start the bridge over the Withlachochee River for the expansion north in March. According to what I read, the new portion of the trail is to be ready by the end of 2013.

michelinmike 02-04-13 03:05 PM

Sunday the 3rd my riding buddy Ken from Pinellas Park came over to Tampa and we rode the Upper Tampa Bay Trail from 10:00am until 12:30pm, from Gunn Highway Trailhead out beyond Montague Street where it accesses Old Memorial Pkwy, the street with all of the older trailer parks still in operation. Pleasant ride at around 14 mph so we racked up a little over 28 miles for the day. On the 11th we will be riding the Suncoast from the Lutz-Lake Fern Trailhead to the Cortez Boulevard Bridge, which works out to around 60 miles round trip. Estimated departure will be around 9am. Ken has lately been riding a bit more than I have, he actually commutes to and from his employment on his bike. We both own Schwinns of early lineage, mine a SuperSport from 1988 and his a less ambitious Schwinn amalgamation from approximately the same time period.

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