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FLvector 04-06-13 07:47 PM

Gorgeous weather today. Started with the arm warmer which came off within the first hours. 50 miles in the hills of San Antonio, FL. Great day to ride.

RonH 04-08-13 04:47 PM

Gorgeous day so headed to the Suncoast Trail. Rode to County Line Rd. Stopped at Extreme Bicycles on the way north. Z said his order would be in later today (I'm looking for a new floor pump). Told him I stop by tomorrow to pick up the pump.
My CycleMeter app for my iPhone didn't want to work on Saturday. Still wasn't working yesterday so I deleted it and downloaded it again. Not sure why but it worked just fine. So according to the data on my phone I rode 40.8 miles today. :)

Onegun 04-09-13 12:51 PM

Wow! I actually did! :lol: Not much, mind you, but I did. 10 miles south thru residential streets, then back north on the Suncoast Trail. 19.77 total.

Our life has been in such an upheaval that in the last 7 weeks I've only ridden 5 times, and Maggi's ridden less than that. About a week and a half ago I finished building the Burley tandem we bought for her and our daughter to ride, and though they are both excited about it, they haven't had a chance to clip in TWO-gether even once!

Onegun 04-10-13 10:33 AM

I did again! Just another 20 miler, but after working back up to 40 and 50 milers in January, I'm starting all over again! But ..... I'm 60 and still riding, so it ain't all bad! :thumb:

Onegun 04-13-13 06:09 PM

Well, barely, but I did one more time. Talked the daughter into getting out on the Trek tandem, but she's been off the bike for three weeks as well. So we only made it to a large, local, permanent garage sale before we had to turn around. Only 8 miles, but we rode. Beautiful day out there.

jaxgtr 04-13-13 07:43 PM

beautiful weather today, did 46.5.

RonH 04-14-13 08:58 AM

Hello Brian. Haven't seen you on here in a while. Glad you had a good ride. :thumb:

Onegun 04-15-13 01:18 PM

Yet another 20 mile Suncoast Trail ride, and I had to take a short break at 14 miles, (peripheral neuropathy acting up.) Bummed out big time, I sat down at a shelter. There was a guy already there on a department store Mongoose mountain bike complete with front suspension and knobby tires. I judged him to be about 65 years old, and he had on a short sleeve button up dress shirt, khaki shorts and hiking boots.

I asked him how far he was riding today, and he replied "Oh, not too far today because I started too late." I thought to myself, "I'll bet. Probably less than a mile on that clunker and in those clothes!"

Then he described his route today. Doing it in my head, it came to about 42 miles.

As we both remounted to ride off, I noticed the saddle on his bike was way too low, and just as I was about to ask about the knee replacement scars, he mentioned that it was about time for him to get two more steel knees. He said they tell him it's worse the second time you have them replaced because they have to take off more bone to get back to a good attachment point.

But he's out here today. Doing 42 miles. In civilian clothes and combat boots, on a clunker bike that wasn't/couldn't be correctly fit. And here I am doing a measly 20 and feeling sorry for myself.

Ahhh, perspective. Turns out, it was a good ride after all.

RonH 04-15-13 02:20 PM

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I missed you and the guy in the "civilian clothes" and boots.
Glad you had a good ride Bill.
I headed out a little early because of today's temps. Rode to SR 50 and got a little water and kept going. Rode to Lawless Rd (my farthest ride south on the Suncoast) and decided to turn around. Stopped at Anderson Snow for a Gu gel and more water. Stopped again at SR 50 for a Hammer bar (those things are yummy) and more water.
My feet were getting HOT (black Sidis) when I was about 5 miles from the US 98 parking area. I gotta find something else to wear in the hot summer months.
Rode a total of 47.7 miles.

Onegun 04-16-13 03:50 PM

Well, I rode alright. If you want to call it riding. The back half of the ride was more like falling forward while pedaling the bike back underneath me. Bike worked fine. I worked stupid. I made every amateur/Cat5 mistake you can make today. Let my eagle brain overload my hummingbird a$$, and went way farther than I planned with no food and insufficient water. I've been riding for 40+ years. I don't just "know better", I've made the mistake before years ago! I know what it feels like! But .....

Naturally, (and deservedly), I dehydrated, bonked and cramped, and it took me almost all day to ride from my house to the end of the Suncoast Trail and back, (57 miles). Initially I was drinking plenty of water to stave off the bonk when I started to feel it, but that doesn't really work. Plus I then realized I was in trouble with my water supply on a 95 degree day. I was on my way back rationing water when I happened upon some kindly souls outside their home which was 50 meters or so off the trail. I asked, they provided. Ice water even. I was grateful, but I was still in trouble. I couldn't make more than 2 or 3 miles without having to stop due to bonking and cramping.

Many short breaks later I limped into Extreme Bikes, grabbed a stool, a Coke, a Hammer bar and two gels. An hour later I was starting to feel human again. Until I got back on the bike, that is!

But I managed to cruise the last 13 or so miles to home without too many breaks. The 10k-to-go banner meant nothing today, and even the flam rouge was a no go! But I *was* elated to see my house!

Lesson learned. Again. 57 miles, a good 30 of them in the house of pain.

P.S. Ron - You didn't have to post a pic of the Lawless Road sign. I would have believed you! :lol:

RonH 04-17-13 08:29 AM

Bill, sorry your ride turned bad. :(

I posted the picture because some folks on BF (but not FL folks) say it didn't happen without pics. ;)

Onegun 04-17-13 09:40 AM

Thanks, Ron. But a bad day on the bicycle beats a good day at work/mowing the yard/painting the house anytime! And I finished, so not so bad. A truly bad ride is when you have to abandon. I hate that. I'm fine today, but taking the day off to recover anyway.

Oh, and as for the pic, it's a pretty cool street sign anyway! Wonder if any cops live on Lawless Road? :lol:

Onegun 04-19-13 10:25 AM

Ended up taking two days off the bike after my debacle on Tuesday. Got back on and rode south on the Suncoast to the rest stop about a mile past the Pithlachascotee River overpass. Wind was pretty stiff, but as usual, I rode into the wind first! Flew home, (well ... for me!) Good ride, and it all gave me my first 100 mile week since 2011. That's how little I've ridden in the last two years! Sad, but ... you have good years and bad years. In life, relationships, and cycling it would seem.

Go ride your bike! :thumb:

RonH 04-21-13 01:59 PM

After too many appts last week interfering with life and finally no rain today I got out and rode south to SR50. Kept an eye on the weather but the wind out of the north helped me decide to head home. Managed a paltry 24.8 miles. :notamused:

Rode the last 2-3 miles with a guy wearing regular shorts and a polo shirt and riding a hybrid with aerobars :eek: I asked him if he had problems with "backside" moisture causing problems or chaffing on the inside of his legs. He said he didn't ride enough miles to worry about it.
I didn't ask about the aerobars. :rolleyes:

zzOtherlandzz 04-22-13 09:48 PM

Yep... Took a short "test my ankle" ride Sunday on the PLB trail with friends. The only felt a little bit of discomfort in the ankle when unclipping. It was my first ride in 7 days... I was starting to go stir crazy. Only about 17 miles but was a good ride with good friends!!

RonH 04-24-13 06:41 PM

I decided I wanted to do a different ride today so drove to the SR50 trailhead and rode south from there. I skipped breakfast (something I read in Cycling Fitness mag). I was a little tired for most of the ride. :rolleyes: Saw the limited water ahead sign at Crews Lake Rd. Filled my bottle there and rode south to SR52 then turned around. Rode a total of 35.1 miles.

Onegun 04-24-13 08:26 PM

Hmm. I was out there today too. Got out of here about 10:30, got on the trail at Lawless Road, and rode south to 52. That just a 20 miler for me, and only 10 are actually on the trail. We probably just missed each other.

Then I got to come home and deal with septic system issues all day. And again tomorrow! Fun, fun, fun! :bang:

P.S. I rode for 10 years back in the 70's and early 80's with just a half cup of coffee to start out. I'd start feeding in the saddle at about an hour. Haven't tried that lately though. Nowadays it takes me 2 cups of coffee, a light breakfast, and my AM visit to the library before I'm ready to do anything!

RonH 04-25-13 08:01 AM

Bill, we didn't miss each other. You finished before I started. I didn't get to the SR50 trailhead until after 11am. You were probably home playing plumber or Mr Roto-Rooter by the time I got to SR52.

Onegun 04-26-13 01:37 PM

Set out about 11 this morning and rode 33 miles. North on the Suncoast up to the SR50 rest stop, and I STOPPED this time. No more metric centuries with no food and inadequate water! Getting hot though. Going to have to start getting out earlier.

RonH 04-27-13 02:54 PM

Maybe I should have stayed home after wearing myself out yesterday pressure washing the driveway (think White House driveway). I only finished about half. :notamused:
Earlier this week "Z" from Extreme Bicycles invited me to join in on the Saturday morning shop ride. I just couldn'r make it out of bed at 5:15 this morning after yesterday. :crash:
I got to the US98 trailhead after 11am and rode south. Stopped at the "rest stop" across from Extreme Bicycles (thank you Z :thumb:) and talked with the people there. Continued south and turned around after a stop for water and a Hammer bar at Anderson Snow park.
The hills in the last 7 or so miles just about did me in. Managed a s-l-o-w 38 miles. :o

I did stop at Extreme Bicycles on the way north and Z said that my new shoes should be here Monday. [fingers crossed]

mleach82 04-28-13 07:40 PM

Wasn't able to make it out today but did 30 miles on the Saturday morning ride with Extreme Bicycles.

Lindaosm 04-29-13 06:24 AM

finally back to more riding after tax season. Going forward I'll only be working 3 days a week so I'll have no excuse not to ride. Decided to try to work on my speed vs distance for awhile to see if I can get that up. Just a little over 11 miles on Friday on the Withlachochee Trail. Ended up Saturday not riding. Thought we were going to my son's out in Ft McCoy for an early cookout and ended up being the recipient of a surprise birthday party. Sunday back at it...Almost 13 miles on the Withlachochee Bay Trail. Pretty good speeds but the wind coming out of the east slowed me down on the way back. I've at least gone from the average of barely 10 mph to just over 11. Not riding today but getting back to my gym routine and the spinner. Looks like rain anyway.

RonH 04-30-13 05:07 PM

Glad you're getting out there Linda. Keep at it. :thumb:

Matt, we're having company this weekend so I told Z I'd try to duck out and join the group on Saturday.

RonH 05-01-13 03:39 PM

Our company (the landlords) called and said they won't be here tomorrow as planned. They won't get here until Sat night.
So I've gotta ride tomorrow. Will the rain be gone?

Onegun 05-01-13 04:22 PM

The short answer is probably not. According to the hourly report on for MY zip code, there will be a 50-60% chance of rain thru Friday at 5PM. From there the 10 day forecast shows rain thru Sunday. The only exception is Friday morning from 1AM to 5AM where it drops to 30%. Got batteries in your lights? Lets go ride then!

Good thing this forum is divided into geographical sections. The folks in the Pacific Northwest would be laughing their a$$es off! "You let a little rain stop you from riding?? You wusses!"

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