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-VELOCITY- 03-24-08 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by wolfpack (Post 6374855)
hiya Velocity!!! :)

Hiya right back atcha!

cnickgo 03-24-08 03:38 PM

30 miles, same route as last time except didn't head down Gormon a bit this time. 1:44 ride time. It's a good ride when I go at my own pace.

wolfpack 03-24-08 03:49 PM

are you back in town? or is there a Gorman up there in the Boone area?

cnickgo 03-24-08 04:18 PM

Yea i thought I told you so, leaving tomorrow. We got today and tomorrow off for Easter.

cnickgo 03-24-08 05:33 PM

Photos from the ride (took my sis's P&S):

wolfpack 03-24-08 06:01 PM

sweet! nice little climbs to get up to that pedestrian bridge...

wolfpack 03-25-08 06:02 PM

Yep. 21 miles, 6x3min VO2max intervals.

Gavush 03-25-08 09:15 PM

about 5.5 miles/ 24 min during lunch.. (had to ride a block over to my car and back to fetch my sunglasses, hense the extra .4) annoying headwind on the longer stretch of the 2 mile loop around the fairgrounds. Assumed a quasi-aero position w/ my hands in on the bars next to the stem, seemed to help. (mtb) Saw a lady sitting in a chair on her front lawn reading a book w/ her pet birds outside in their cages for some fresh air. About 55 out.

wolfpack 03-26-08 08:05 PM

again, yes. 20mi.

i'm tired and will edit later when i feel like typing more....

MountainBiker 03-26-08 08:12 PM

Yes I rode today....shelby greenway in Nashville....but yesterdays ride at the Old Hickory trails was really the one that stood out. The old Hickory trail has little to no traffic....My friend and I had it to ourselves...we came across a group (flock) of wild turkeys, spotted deer, a racoon and lots of ducks and other winged critters.

For me, mountain biking like that is what keeps me coming back.......and a little mud to fuel my inner child ;)

piper_chuck 03-26-08 08:14 PM

Didn't ride today, but I did get to the gym this morning and ran on the treadmill a bit. I think the bout of flus and colds that have been plaguing me since mid-Feb are finally gone (knock on wood). I plan to take a short ride tomorrow afternoon. This will be my first time on the bike since Feb 9! :)

SpeedyTSO 03-26-08 08:48 PM

34.26mi in Brooklyn - 52F in NY

piper_chuck 03-27-08 04:57 PM

Yes! After over 6 weeks of not riding, I did 11.3 miles today.

Edit: forgot to mention. After the ride I went for about an hour long walk in the woods with my daughter. We happened across an old cemetery that I knew was out there, but hadn't been able to find. We plan to go back soon with some paper and chalk so we can make impressions of some of the head stones. We had a great walk!

wolfpack 03-27-08 05:04 PM

Yay!!! :beer:

I didn't ride today. I've had to, very quickly, make this into a rest week. I was (still am) really tired since this past weekend. Very easy ride tomorrow and Sunday...hopefully, with decreasing the intensity/volume this week, getting more sleep, drinking more water, and trying to eat more, I'll feel much better next week.

BikeWNC 03-27-08 05:22 PM

40 miles with 3800' of climbing. It was 20 out and up then 20 back and down, generally. 2:35 ride time at a conversational pace.

cnickgo 03-28-08 05:14 PM

28.5 miles 2000' of climbing. Felt great, did way better than I thought I would. Even found myself at the top of App Ski Mtn looking down the slopes, and did 42mph down the Parkway and got complemented for it by a driver. Oh and saw a fat groundhog.

wolfpack 03-28-08 05:59 PM


i'm having a rest week....i only rode 50min this evening, but really worked on keeping the cadence high. result...avg cadence=103, but only 12.5 mi:(. i would have ridden longer, but i was tired of the wind and the damn traffic.

Velo Vol 03-28-08 06:41 PM

Grand total for five of the six days this week:

0 miles
0 feet of climbing


wolfpack 03-28-08 07:50 PM

awwww. why's that V V?

Porter20 03-28-08 07:53 PM

With weather in SC in the upper 70's I went out for the first time this week & easily overdid it. Rode a little over a metric century (63.25 to be exact) in just under 4 hours. Almost finished at 18 mph & did climb over 4000 ft. It felt really good to ride the first 3/4; the last 1/4 took a lot of sucking it up and pushing it hard. I really need to marry a massaeuse. Or at least date one; cause I could use one right now!

Velo Vol 03-29-08 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by wolfpack (Post 6424028)
awwww. why's that V V?

I just happened to be busy with other stuff during the windows of time when I should have been riding. :rolleyes:

Ironically, during two of the weeks of nicer weather since it started to warm up, I've gotten less miles than I was getting when it was freezing cold. Hopefully that disturbing trend will be short-lived.

Gavush 03-30-08 05:13 PM

got all ready to go yesterday and a thunderstorm came through.. rushed home after work today to find my neighbors across the street unloading from their ride and offered that there was supposed to be a storm coming. A quick look at the radar made me change my mind about trying to make the trails... I had to do something though so I rode around our neighborhood a bunch of times and came up with a bit over 8 miles.

wolfpack 03-30-08 05:17 PM

well, it's pretty much been raining all weekend and i haven't ridden since friday. 30% chance of rain tomorrow. i think i'm taking my bike with me to work and unless it's just a damn downpour at lunchtime, i'm going to go ride. or ride after work.

i'm getting cranky.

Velo Vol 03-30-08 10:55 PM


And I want to say that these rings are a unique-looking landmark.


Originally Posted by cnickgo (Post 6397150)

wolfpack 03-31-08 11:21 AM

yes. 3x1min intervals in the rain.

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