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piper_chuck 04-04-08 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by Porter20 (Post 6458545)
Oh my. You have fun with that. I'm gonna continue with my pointless rides through the countryside. At least I know what it will take to be a better bike rider.

Seriously, thanks for the answer on the interval question bc I have read about them a bunch on the board, but had no idea what they are. Right now, I am still in the early stages where I am just fastinated by riding my bike, but in a little while I am sure I will be looking for ways to be better!

When you're just starting out, focus on building base miles for a few months. Once you have these, you can start pushing harder. While you're doing this, here are a few things you can work on that will also help you get better:
  • Cadence: Learn to spin at a cadence that works well for you. For casual riding, the range I've seen is 80-100 and for higher performance, 90-110 or higher. Over the years I've ended up being most comfortable around 90 rpms for distance riding.
  • Group skills: If you're interested in riding with groups, it's never too early to start. Beginning group rides will help you learn not only how to ride in a group, but you'll make new friends and there will often be people who can help you with overall riding skills.
  • Basic bike care: All the little things you can do to keep your bike running in tip-top shape. If you can learn to adjust your brakes and shifting, keep the wheels trued, and proper cleaning and lube of everything, such as the chain, your bike will be more pleasant to ride and it'll save you down time of having to take it to the shop to fix a minor problem.

Edit: And one final thing, there is no such thing as a "pointless ride through the countryside". :mad: I live for countryside rides. :D

Gavush 04-05-08 12:11 PM

at 10:45 this morning I left town on my mtb and rode over to the trail head over at Montgomery Bell... went into the left side red trail about 10 yards to confirm that it was too wet to ride.. (and it was) - so, I continued down Jones Creek road and thought I'd see where it went since I haven't been down it very often.... Before I knew it I was in Dickson (next town over) near the Kmart. So... I took hwy 70 back home up some grueling hills. ride was 1 hr 45min.. 20 miles according to google maps. It was around 48 out when I left.. overcast and gloomy.

I did have one guy out doing some yard work call his dog off me. It was a large sized bulldog type thing... I already had my water bottle out when he called it off. "Frenzy! No! "Frenzy! Come!" - naturally, I felt better knowing the dog was named frenzy. I guess Cujo would have been worse...

I feel great about it. It's my first real ride in 9 years or more... on a mtb even. My tires for my road bike should be here next week... got a cateye astrale 8 for it and a saddle wedge with gear to fill it with last week. (Previously all my cycling was with my dad and he always had that stuff with him...) I also picked up a bell alchera that is lightyears ahead of my circa 1995 specialized air wave. I didn't wear it today though because my head would have been too cold...

edit, here's my ride:

(what a neat tool)

wolfpack 04-05-08 12:27 PM

no riding for me today....rain all day long. will get a metric in tomorrow tho, hopefully.

kenebec 04-05-08 12:41 PM

Ah any wind here with 45*f hi temp for today is unfrienly //Yes I did ride today down to the deer meadow ,mostly bare trail had fun crashing through the cranular snow about 6"deep in spots on the trail,from the meadow I climbed up through the softwood tree's [shady,with 3' of snow in the old drifts [I could walk around most of the deep snow //once out of the softwood and into the white oak heading for the ridge only little patches of snow again fat 3 mile's round trip./Ken

kenebec 04-05-08 12:48 PM

LOL I can see that dog![that's funny]/Ken

Velo Vol 04-05-08 05:42 PM

Yikes. I think a Southeast subforum rule should be no discussing snow after the official start of spring. :eek:

Gavush, that's a good ride for having been out of action for 9 years. If you get up to speed, you should take a ride down to Bucksnort, just because of the name.

wolfpack 04-06-08 03:07 PM

yes, 43.7mi that included a 10mi unplanned detour. windy, overcast, and a bit chilly.

Velo Vol 04-07-08 08:30 AM

Sun finally came out on Sunday. :)

38 miles
1 dog bite :mad:

wolfpack 04-07-08 08:57 AM ok after the dog bite?? i had a couple of rottie's after me yesterday as well. i really thought one of them was going to bite me...damn snarling, growling things. too damn bad i didn't have my can of whup ass, or he would've got a face full.

cnickgo 04-07-08 04:37 PM

Yes! Large section of the team headed out, most split off for an easier route, my ambitious self stuck with a cat1 rider, A rider (my "mentor" i guess) and B rider. Only 21 miles but included was a couple climbs and a speed section in which they droped the hamer! Stayed with for 3/4 the effort before dropping back 100 yards or so. TTed my way back up before we got back into town.

wolfpack 04-07-08 06:21 PM

nice job cnickgo!!

as for me, 17.7 mi, which included 2 @ 3x1min z6 intervals.

Velo Vol 04-07-08 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by wolfpack (Post 6474897) ok after the dog bite??

Yes, I'm OK.

I was riding a road I've maybe four or five times over the winter--never had a dog problem. I see a dog ahead on the left running toward the road. I was in a rolling area and knew I didn't have enough speed to out-run it. So I slowed down a bit as it ran along in front of me. I yelled at it a few times, not wanting a collision. Then, from nowhere it seemed, two more dogs came up behind me on the right side.

Triple teamed!

Due to the crash threat, I was primarily focused on the dog in the front. But I felt one behind me getting too close for comfort. Suddenly, it nabbed me in the ankle. A few seconds later it tried again, but got my shoe. I managed to pull away shortly thereafter.

A small cut from the first bite; no damage from the second. I survive to ride again!

Porter20 04-08-08 10:11 AM

Be sure to get a Rabies shot!

cnickgo 04-08-08 11:38 AM

Velo- Theres a nasty pack around here as well that use gang tactics. Alot of the guys get out of the saddle and allow alot of rocking of the bike, which seems to confuse the dogs or make them a little more cautious.

cnickgo 04-08-08 05:22 PM

Another ride for me... 21 miles 1500', cut 20mins and increased my average speed by 2mph over the last time I rode that route. 1:18. I hope to get it under an hour before I leave school for the summer.

Porter20 04-08-08 09:34 PM

I went today for a ride today with a group that I haven't ridden with before. It is the one of the local bike shops faster rides complete with drops. I stayed with the main group for most of the ride, but once we got down to 8 in the lead group, I mistimed my getting back on the end of the pacelines after doing my time at the front & I got left, but caught the group at the next stop sign. It was only my slipup. By the end we only had 4 in the lead group, so I was happy with the ride. 31 miles, 20.2 mph average with a top speed of 42.3; 1800 ft of total climbing. It is by far not the fastest riders in my area (we have crit racing on Tuesday night and a lot of the better riders go there), but it was challenging and I definitely will join them again. I am trying to figure out a riding routine & this would fit in nicely after major miles during the weekend, rest on Monday & then a hard short ride on Tues. Just thinking out loud.

sedges 04-08-08 10:23 PM

A short late afternoon ride with my favorite riding partner. Irvin is 79 and still riding well. It was cool, damp and breezy to start. Rode the Oconee County, SC side of the Tugaloo River on River Road. An easy 14 miles. Didn't have time for more. The sun was shining as we finished. A beautiful spring day and we ended the ride with big smiles on our faces.

jaxgtr 04-08-08 10:31 PM

No riding for me. Sick and headache all day. Need to try and get out tomorrow, hopefully weather will have warmed and winds will have decreased.

wolfpack 04-09-08 05:42 AM

no rides day before my TT today.

cnickgo 04-09-08 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by wolfpack (Post 6487510)
no rides day before my TT today.

Patiently awaiting the results. Ok not so patient!!! Tear that track up.

wolfpack 04-09-08 10:29 PM

meh...didn't do as well as i wanted. had calf cramping the whole TT time, started too fast...per the PT, i was around 28:20 avg speed of 21.1. preliminary results tomorrow maybe.

jppe 04-10-08 10:53 AM

Thanks to all for coming out the TT's at Lowes last night. It was great to meet several folks that frequent here. Excellent turnout overall for the first event. The weather certainly could not have been any better. Apologies for the results taking longer than we'd like. Hopefully we can get those posted before too long. Those darn computers!!!

cnickgo 04-10-08 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by wolfpack (Post 6493137)
meh...didn't do as well as i wanted. had calf cramping the whole TT time, started too fast...per the PT, i was around 28:20 avg speed of 21.1. preliminary results tomorrow maybe.

Sucks about the cramping:( But now you should be more comfortable and knowledgeable, and I'm positive your next TT is going to be tenfold better.

wolfpack 04-10-08 03:01 PM

yea, i think i will go back at the end of the month and try again. but, that all depends on how i feel after my Burnsville ride, which is my first A ride this year. i do think i can do better, but it really doesn't matter...TT's are just secondary to anything else i am doing this year and probably anytime.

as for today..........i haven't ridden yet, but will be heading out shortly since it's like 78F here. i'm only supposed to do a short 30min very easy ride today since i have those killer 30s intervals to do tomorrow and Crowder's Mtn on Sunday.

piper_chuck 04-10-08 04:04 PM

Yes, rode today for the first time in two weeks. Did my 9.5 mile hill loop. It seems the Singulair, Flonaise, and Claritin the doctor told me to take is doing its job. Will ride again tomorrow or Saturday.

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