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zzOtherlandzz 10-01-09 05:53 AM

Wednesday short SLOW 7 mile ride with friend who is down from Michigan who does not really ride bike. He had back surgery and really cant ride much but likes to ride a little bit to help keep his legs and back limber/stretched. I guess a short slow ride is better than no ride..

va_cyclist 10-01-09 06:50 AM

Finally back on the bike after 3 weeks off. I did a 25-mile loop through Goochland, Virginia. It was a cool, sunny day, getting to be long sleeve weather here.

kjc9640 10-01-09 12:12 PM

Thursday 10/01/09... Nice ride today sunny, temps in the high 70s. Stopped at Panera Bread as usual for coffee and sweetroll. I hope we have this weather on Sunday for the Withlacoochee ride.
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.

35.32 (s)miles today
35.32 (s)miles this month
5234.95 (s)miles this year
1 ride days this month (Oct.)

Boatdesigner 10-01-09 06:26 PM

I went out yesterday pretty early and it was BRRRRR! cold. I got a few miles from home and the sky started turning gray as far as I could see and all I could think about was rain and 55 degrees, which didn't sound all that good to me! So I went back home figuring I'd wait until the day warmed up a little and go out again. Of course I got busy and never made it back out.

I waited 'til a little after 10 am to ride today, it was just starting to get warm. Beautiful day, nice and sunny! I did my usual 22.3 miles.

Boatdesigner 10-02-09 03:59 PM

Did the usual 22.4 miles this morning (don't know why it is sometimes 22.3 and other times 22.4, it must be right on the edge and a little wider turn clicks it over!). Nice morning, but the wind was blowing so I had a headwind all the way south. It was nice when I turned around to go home, until the wind shifted again and it felt like a headwind again.

Don't know if I'll get to take a longer ride tomorrow as I have to be at Central Ridge Park first thing to pick up the roster for my under 14 soccer team. With coaching season starting my Saturdays will be taken up in about a month when the games start.

Avanti73 10-02-09 05:55 PM

did 8 miles yesterday and today around carillion/gateway here in st pete
tomorrow is take a kid MTB day so I will be in Tampa's morris bridge park for that

trying to find some more people around Bay Isle Key apts. to ride

zzOtherlandzz 10-02-09 06:27 PM

Did my longest ride in a quite awhile today. 23.65 miles. Was a pretty good ride even had a tail wind for the home stretch (about 8 miles). Back is hurting a bit I think it was from helping a friend unload a U-Haul yesterday. Usually riding helps stretch my back and make it feel better.. no such luck this time.

droobieinop 10-02-09 07:04 PM

so, i'm not sure when i last posted but, i do ride six and sometimes seven days a week
i usually do 35-50 miles a day which includes my 12.5 mile commute and average 17-19mph

we are now talking about going to gainsville to do the horse farm hundred at the end of the month

it sounds like a good challenge

any one?

Avanti73 10-02-09 10:39 PM

I could be up for that droobieinop
I saved the page, we'll see how my month progresses
I need to lengthen my training rides to prep for the HorribleHundred
not sure if I'll be ready for a century by the 25th
I also need to get in a few group rides before then (shouldn't be a problem they leave out of St Pete's northshore park every morning, so I just need to fit it in)

Boatdesigner 10-03-09 02:17 PM

After I picked up my roster for this years soccer team (16 12-14 year olds - help!), I went home and got on my bike for a ride. I managed to ride down the trail to Inverness, 32.4 miles round trip. Beautiful day, but I had a headwind all the way back. The last 7 miles or so were brutal as it seemed like the wind was being funneled down the trail and blowing harder than it really was out in the open. Well, at least I got my 100 miles in for the week. Yesterday I broke 2000 miles for the year, not bad considering I didn't really start putting the miles on until June, when I recovered from the Colon Resection Surgery.

I'll probably find another trail to ride tomorrow as the Withlacootchee will be packed with 1500 people for the annual Rails to Trails Ride. I won't be there this year as the finances just wouldn't allow it. I may head up to Chiefland and ride the Nature Coast Trail.

DieselDan 10-03-09 02:55 PM

Put in 11 miles with my son on the tandem. We simply rode down to Sands Beach and back with one break. My son seems to be popular, as everykid seemed to call out to him and he hollered back.

Lindaosm 10-03-09 03:22 PM

yes, 30.9 miles on the Withlachochee. Very busy today. Lots of Trikes. Looks like they were having some type of event in front of the bike shop there. We started in Inverness and rode to Lake Townsend Park. On the way back we rode into downtown Inverness for an ice cream. We're really wondering what tomorrow will be like. Considering parking somewhere north of Inverness and riding down to sign in.


jhud51 10-03-09 06:53 PM

Rode about 2 hours in the dirt. I'm SOOOO out of shape. Trying to get ready for a metric century next weekend. Ain't gonna happen.

Avanti73 10-03-09 08:43 PM

My wife and I put in 5.23 miles out at Morris Bridge Park for "take a kid MTBing day" a good time was had by all, this was the wife's first off-road trip. I think she did great.

rc51crazy 10-03-09 09:38 PM

did the Bagles and Bluegraas century in Jackson TN..awesome weather, and an awesome ride..also my first full century in almost 15 years and finished it at around 6 hrs of seat time

DieselDan 10-04-09 03:12 PM

Just 5 miles on the Cannondale, but was towing my daughter on her trailercycle to the park, then to a ice cream shop downtown that was serving pumpkin ice cream! Still, miles with the kids count more.

Avanti73 10-04-09 04:07 PM

rolled out on Weedon island preserve on the goose
13.09 miles 47 minutes 16.8 avg.speed 27.2 max speed

wnl256 10-04-09 06:33 PM

Rode 38 miles on the Silver Comet Trail today in northwestern Georgia. Awesome trail! I started at the Tara Drummond trailhead in Dallas (because the trail is closed just east of there due to the recent flooding) and rode west all the way to Rockmart. The trail was uncrowded and the weather was pleasant despite the threat of rain. I really enjoyed it.

There were some spots, especially in the underpasses and tunnels, where sand and dirt have collected up from all the rain and flooding. They haven't been cleaned out yet and it made riding in those areas a bit treacherous.

va_cyclist 10-04-09 07:07 PM

37 miles on a beautiful though windy fall day in central Virginia. Every mile these days feels it could be the last for this season.

Gavush 10-04-09 08:34 PM

151 miles this weekend, 10 hours, 50 minutes ride time - 2009 "Bike to Jack and Back" MS150 ride which includes dinner at Jack Daniel's Distillery (the main sponsor of the ride, who also handed over a $10k check to the Mid-South chapter) in Lynchburg, TN. Yesterday was great, the weather was awesome, maybe a high of 72. (edit, oh - but I forgot about the wind! There were some massive headwinds that sucked the life out of quite a few team-mates and we really needed to work together to keep our group together. (there are 63 people on the whole team for the ride but 7 of us were riding together in our own sub-group) Today, we got up and it was overcast, started to drizzle with about 50 miles to go. Raining with about 17 miles to go.. the last 2 miles were really wet. The high was around 65? I did the whole ride today with arm warmers, wind breaker and tights on except when I took off my wind breaker for a monster climb (for around here anyway) iirc, 818 riders, $585k raised. My wife volunteered at our team rest stop so we were able to spend the weekend away together - was real nice to be able to do that. She dropped me off at the start line and went to go to the rest stop (no. 3 of 7) and we were about to take the team photo when I realized I was still in my tennis shoes and my bike shoes were in her car! She had to back-track 20minutes and we probably had 10 minutes to spare before the ride started. Close call! I felt pretty good on the whole ride except my butt got more and more sore today.. probably a 7 on a scale of 10 (10 = can't ride) probably due to lack of riding... (had not ridden in 2 weeks, and then 2 weeks prior to that iirc)

kjc9640 10-05-09 10:00 AM

Saturday 10/03/09... Nice ride today from my daughters apartment in St Pete FL to the Skyway Bridge and back.
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.

23.24 (s)miles
58.56 (s)miles this month
5258.19 (s)miles this year
2 ride days this month (Oct.)

Sunday 10/04/09... Nice ride today with my daughter on the Withlacoochee Trail Ride.
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.

71.51 (s)miles
130.07 (s)miles this month
5329.70 (s)miles this year
3 ride days this month (Oct.)


Boatdesigner 10-05-09 04:26 PM

I rode the Withlacoochee Bay Trail with my wife and son on Sunday. I think we did about 9.5 miles. Today I did the usual 22.3 miles on the Withlacoochee Trail. I rode the '83 Puch both days for a change. Probably go back to the Giant again tomorrow.

Boatdesigner 10-06-09 05:40 PM

Did my regular ride again, this time on the Giant OCR3. The trail was wet in places from overnight rain which made it quite slick when the suicidal squirrel in Hernando jumped out in front of me again. I think he was the same little turd who jumped in front of me a month or so back. My back tire locked right up on the wet pavement and started to slide out from under me. Luckily I caught it in time and didn't go down. Last time it ruined a tire, this time the tire slid easily and didn't get damaged. 22.4 miles today.

Avanti73 10-06-09 08:03 PM

rode 6.2 miles last night around carillion

did 10.9 tonight on the pinellas trail headed north from 102ave N
rode with a friend who I have been hounding to ride for a few months now
he finally came out to ride.

kjc9640 10-07-09 03:06 PM

Wednesday 10/07/09... Nice short ride today after taking 2 days off for recovery from the Withlacoochee Trail Ride.
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.

21.06 (s)miles
151.13 (s)miles this month
5350.36 (s)miles this year
4 ride days this month (Oct.)


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