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kjc9640 10-28-09 12:03 PM

Tuesday 10/27/09... No
Wednesday 10/28/09 I did another slow 24.06 mile flat, solo ride this morning/afternoon. The legs are still not up to speed, very weak, I think it might be the medication . Weather was just outstanding today clear sky, little wind.

2 Gopher tortoise's today

24.06 (s)miles today
415.13 (s)miles this month
5614.76 (s)miles this year
13 ride days this month (Oct.)
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.


RonH 10-28-09 05:52 PM

Awesome day for a ride. Sunny :) and low 60s when I left the house. Did 27 miles. :beer:
Got buzzed (first time in quite a while) on my way home. Some a-hole in a company truck of all things (Overhead Door Company of Atlanta). How stupid can one get? Called the company. They were polite but I doubt anything will come of it.

droobieinop 10-28-09 05:53 PM

46 miles before work, just me and the boss started out at 0715. we expect more turnout next week after the time change

feet were tender, but blisters were a nonissue

zzOtherlandzz 10-28-09 07:37 PM

17.1 miles on the mountain bike with my friend from Michigan. We did 6.5 miles on the dirt/grass/sand/trail and the other 10 or so on the pavement getting to and from the trail. He pushed himself pretty hard and we had to call for a ride while still about 9 miles from the house.. We rode on part of one of the Florida Greenway trails. This trail runs north/south from SR20 and SR100 a couple of miles west of Palatka in Putnam county. And right in the middle of the trail back in the woods there is a 1500 foot boardwalk over the swamp. The boardwalk is elevated and consists of (2) 2x6 planks with a gap in the middle and a rail on one side (really made for hikers not bike riders). IT SUCKED walking across it in my bike shoes!! Had to walk the bike on the back wheel with the front wheel up in the air. NOT fun... it rained a bit last night the boards were wet, covered with green slime type stuff & leaves... Kind of a LOT slippery... Of course my friend had no problems walking in his boots... DOH!!! It was baby steps for a quarter of a mile while walking my bike on the back wheel, all the while trying to keep the tire out of the gap in between the 2 boards.....

Here is picture of the boardwalk taken last summer when it was NICE AND DRY.... lol

Anyway.... was a GREAT ride and lots of fun......

Boatdesigner 10-28-09 08:59 PM

I didn't ride the last two days, Monday I didn't have the ambition, Tuesday the weather was iffy over here. This morning was gray and ugly again, but I decided to go anyway. The ground was drying, but the sky didn't look too friendly, so I figured I'd just ride about 16 miles. As I got to my turnaround, the sky ahead was clearing and sunny, so I kept on going. Ended up going all the way to Hernando as usual. Anyone riding this end of the trail will be happy to know that the new park/bathroom just off the trail in Hernando has been finished. I didn't test the facilities, but did use one of the picnic tables for a rest stop.

About half way back, with a nice little tailwind, the trail was really wet as I had just missed a rain shower. A little ways further up the trail I did hit a brief shower, but it was pretty light as well as short. Ended up with 25.6 miles and a really messy bike from all the water. No sooner had I gotten in the house than it started to rain and within 5 minutes it was pouring! Got home just in time!

qmsdc15 10-28-09 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by zzOtherlandzz (Post 9944549)
Here is picture of the boardwalk taken last summer when it was NICE AND DRY.... lol

Anyway.... was a GREAT ride and lots of fun......

Cool bridge. Northshore in the Southeast!

Boatdesigner 10-29-09 05:26 PM

Started off on my usual ride today, but wandered around Hernando a little, adding a few miles. Beautiful, sunny day with just a little wind. Ended up riding 25.7 miles.

zzOtherlandzz 10-29-09 05:41 PM

Today rode to the post office and added a bit on the mountain bike with the friend from Michigan (who is really starting to like riding). My friend says today before we take off "lets do 16mph all the way to the post office today".... I was like ummm ok... So he follows in the bike lane and we get to the post office and I say "well we didn't do 16 mph" .. He is all bummed out... Then I tell him we did 18+mph the whole way..... He says and I quote... "you A$$ hole"...... we laughed... Had fun.. only 8 miles. But a short ride is better than NO ride.

milt 10-29-09 06:28 PM

Beautiful day in Atlanta -- managed to squeeze in an hour ride before sunset.

kjc9640 10-30-09 12:03 PM

Thursday 10/29/09... No
Friday 10/30/09... Today was a coulda, woulda, shoulda, ride. I coulda rode further, I shoulda rode further, and I woulda rode further if the rain clouds had not started to build in the east. The legs are starting to recover and the speed picked up some. I think it was the medication that I was on.

2 Gopher tortoise's again today

20.04 (s)miles today
435.17 (s)miles this month
5634.80 (s)miles this year
14 ride days this month (Oct.)
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.


Boatdesigner 10-30-09 02:05 PM

When I left it was really overcast and I was sure I was going to get wet. But as I rode the sky started to lighten up a little and it actually turned into a pretty nice morning. Did the usual 22.3 miles, although I hammered pretty hard (at least for me!) for 3/4 of the ride and averaged 14.5 mph. Pretty pathetic when you consider that fast!

kjc9640 10-31-09 03:28 PM

Saturday 10/31/09... Things are getting back to normal 30 miles today. The legs are starting to recover and the speed picked up some more. I think the B 12 shots and tablets are starting to kick in. I am glad this month is over as it was one of my lowest mileage months and lowest ride days per month and lowest average miles per ride. Looking forward to next month.
1 Gopher tortoise today

32.00 (s)miles today

467.17 (s)miles this month
5666.80 (s)miles this year
15 ride days this month (Oct.)
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.


Avanti73 10-31-09 03:32 PM

3 Attachment(s)
32.56 miles today with a couple friends
did the memorial, sand key, and belleair bridges

Boatdesigner 11-01-09 01:49 PM

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but I did ride. I left in the morning on the '83 Puch expecting to ride down the Withlacoochee Trail to Inverness. When I got to Inverness it was so nice I kept on going, stopping at various spots to look at the lakes and take some pictures. I ended up going all the way to Floral City before turning for home. I took my time as it was starting to get hot, just over 46 miles total. That is actually the second longest ride I have ever done! It is the longest I have ever done on the old bike as well, even though I have owned it for nearly 25 years.

When I got home yesterday, the new (to me) longer stem I had bought from someone on Ebay was waiting in the mailbox. So, of course I spent the afternoon getting the old stem unstuck and the new one installed. I even managed to save the bar tape, that Nashbar tape is pretty tough as I have now re-wrapped that bar 3 times.

I waited for it to warm up today and then took the Puch out for a test ride. After a mile or so I had to stop and move the seat, then I rode down to Hernando on my normal ride. All was fine until the last 8 miles coming home when the wind shifted directly into my face and started blowing quite a bit harder! The Puch is fine on our relatively flat roads, but the 13-18 corncob freewheel sometimes makes you wish for a few bigger cogs. I rode all the way home in the 17 and thought about going down to the 18. Not a bad ride, but I was wupped after 22.3 miles! Now it's almost time for the Packer game, so I am going to put my feet up and relax!

Avanti73 11-01-09 03:18 PM

rode 25 miles with the ride & roll crew this morning.
doing a fixed gear ride tomorrow night in Clearwater.

Onegun 11-01-09 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by Avanti73 (Post 9964071)
rode 25 miles with the ride & roll crew this morning.
doing a fixed gear ride tomorrow night in Clearwater.

Out of "Hands On Bicycles"? How far they go on that one? I'm too old and fat to go far on my fixie, but if they're keeping it down I just might drag it out of the garage!

Nice pics you posted from the top of the Memorial Causeway, BTW.

Lindaosm 11-01-09 04:00 PM

On Saturday hubby and I rode our MBs on the H‏įlpata Tastanaki Preserve trails. We had been before in June but the tract was muddy and really hard to ride. This time we left a little late in the afternoon and rode all the way to the Withlachochee River. It was a beautiful day and a nice ride. We saw several deer. I am guessing it was about 10 miles as we rode from the trail head near SR 484 to the river and back. Some of the ride did go through some sandy stuff but we were able to ride through the majority of it. The trails are not well marked but we tried to stay on the main ones. Here's the website in case anyone is interested.

Today we did a quick ride on the Withlachochee Bay Trail. It's only about 9 miles but very scenic. No deer today. Overall, great weekend.


kjc9640 11-02-09 02:37 PM

Sunday 11/01/09...No
Monday 11/02/09 Yes, things are getting back to normal 30+ miles today. The legs are starting to recover and the speed picked up some more. The weather was perfect, overcast and in the mid 70s. Looking forward to this month to get the mileage back to normal.
0 Gopher tortoise today

30.66 (s)miles today
30.66 (s)miles this month
5697.46 (s)miles this year
1 ride days this month (Nov.)
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.


Lindaosm 11-03-09 06:03 PM

MB day again.
Another nice ride through the same preserve as Sunday. This time we took a different trail and we did see several deer. We also saw several large traps that were labeled "Dept of Agriculture". Not sure what they were trying to trap as none of them were set. We did see evidence of some wild hogs but these traps were much bigger. Just glad we didn't run into anything that they were hoping to trap. We made it to the river again today too. One of these days I'm going to figure out just how many miles that is.


kjc9640 11-04-09 01:55 PM

Tuesday 11/03/09...No
Wednesday 11/04/09 Yes, Had a Dr. appointment at 1 pm today so just did a short ride 22+ miles. Weather was just great. Mid 80s when I got back home. My daughter will be spending next week with us here in Altamonte so I will log many miles with her. She is a beast when it comes to riding.
0 Gopher tortoise today

22.03 (s)miles today
52.69 (s)miles this month
5719.49 (s)miles this year
2 ride days this month (Nov.)
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.


korona100 11-05-09 05:24 AM

What a beautiful day for a ride yesterday. I rode my Trek Nav 2.0 from Starkey Park to the Suncoast Trail, south to 54, west to Starkey Blvd and back to Starkey Park (New Port Richey, FL area). 24 Miles. Nice tailwind for the first half and yes, the opposite on the last half. I get my first road bike tomorrow and can't wait to ride it!

droobieinop 11-05-09 06:37 AM

Recap of this week's rides
Sun- 70 miles Penny Farms Loop short ride (first of the season)
Mon- (momi popi quiet time) daily commute to and from work @ 13 miles
Tues- 34 miles all day
Weds- 57 miles, early shop ride around 45m plus commute (my work replacment never showed so I had to stay to close up shop and ride home in the dark with insufficient lighting). Its amazing how people didn't buzz me in the dark while I'm constantly buzzed in daylight.

5000 (+/-) miles so far this year

Onegun 11-05-09 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by korona100 (Post 9987372)
Nice tailwind for the first half and yes, the opposite on the last half.

When you get old, you learn to go against the wind first! :thumb:

kjc9640 11-05-09 11:57 AM

Thursday 11/05/09 Yes, Had a Dr. appointment at 9:30 am today for a B-12 shot so I rode to the Dr office and then jumped on the trail for an easy 22 mi. Weather was just great. Mid 70s when I got back home. Boy when they put that B12 directly into your blood stream it really makes a difference.

0 Gopher tortoise today

22.05 (s)miles today
74.74 (s)miles this month
5741.54 (s)miles this year
3 ride days this month (Nov.)
All is well in Slo Spoke Jim's world.


Boatdesigner 11-05-09 07:53 PM

I started off today figuring I'd do 15 miles or so due to the wind. If I did my normal ride, I'd spend the last 10 miles riding straight into a 15 knot wind. That takes all the fun out of it for me! Once I got to the trail, I headed into the wind for a mile or so, but at that point I am at the head of the trail so I have to turn around. I rode south about 6 miles and then turned for home.

A few miles from home I decided to get off the trail and wander around the roads in the development for a bit. I remembered why I quit riding the roads, some of them are really in bad shape! When it was all done I ended up with 20.7 miles. Not too bad considering the wind today. I hope it lets up soon, or at least changes direction!

I did see some wildlife today: a gopher tortoise, a fox squirrel and a bright green snake about 2' long. I think he was a Bianchi, because he was Celeste Green!

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