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crispx 07-16-08 10:16 AM

Ladies road ride Hiram, GA 7/26
As I mentioned earlier in the week on SBL, a ladies ride would be a good thing.

I just spoke with NARC:JudyG (Judy Galvin) and she's agreed to lead the ladies route option. The route will the Sky Loop or a slight variation. It will be a good opportunity for the ladies to try some road rides or bring some road shy friends out to ride in the company of other ladies.

Some of us guys will ride off the back to assist as required, keep an eye on any stragglers and help with any mechanicals.

Info on the regular Sky Loop route:

Check back for the latest status...

the Route
We'll be riding the new Sky Loop, No drop, the route is FULLY marked. ~38 miles. There will be one store stop . We usually have a faster group, but there is no pressure to ride beyond your limits and everyone is encouraged to ride at an enjoyable pace.

Difficulty and Pace
Intermediate difficulty:
The terrain is rolling with a few steeper sections to help riders prepare for more difficult rides. This ride is not appropriate for novice riders and you should be able to maintain a 14-15mph average on the road.
Moderate pace:
14-16mph for the base group. There is usually a faster group riding in the 17-20mph range.

Start Time & Location
9am starting from the Hiram Starbucks (*$).
Link to the Google Maps enabled Hiram Starbucks ride start: ... y&pid=4%20
(click the Printer Friendly View to print the instructions)

Here's the details: READY TO RIDE AT 9am. This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL RIDE!! Nobody will be dropped. Period. Please bring as many folks as you wish to the ride. However, they should be able to ride at 14-15MPH pace over rolling terrain (not the SCT).

The Pace: This is a medium distance training ride, not a race ... just moderately paced with a bit more fun and socializing. Let me repeat... this ride is intermediate pace, not for the total-newbies nor the hammer heads. However, the hammerheads are welcome to do extra loops on the climb sections, don't sit there twiddling your thumbs or whining. This training will benefit you, it's like hill intervals, get it?? For those with the insatiable desire to take-off, there will usually be a faster group (see cautions below, group separation).

What to bring:
* Appropriate clothing for the weather. The forecast for is for warm temps. Remember your sunscreen and sunglasses. Obviously, don't forget your helmet.
* Repair Kit/Tool Bag. You shouldn't be a goof-ball and show up to the ride without stuff to be self-sufficient. Even if you don't know how to fix it, you should still have it.
* Food and Drink. Bring enough gels, bars, etc., for a 2-3 hour ride.
* Cash for Store Stop. We'll make ones tore stop. If you want a Coke or a snack or something, bring some cash.
* MORE RIDERS!!! Invite your friends, that can handle this route. The more the merrier, the more the safer as long as you ride with reasonable consideration for the vehicles we share the road with.

Rules for the Ride:
* Car back. When someone announces "car back", make a reasonable effort to single up and allow the vehicle to pass in a safe manner.
* No elitist attitudes. I don't want people showing up to this ride and being stuck-up and making other riders feel uncomfortable.
* group separation. The route is fully marked, we'll be sweeping along to pickup any stragglers. So stay on the course marked with light-blue chevrons and we'll find you. As stated above, there is usually a faster group, the faster group often does the challenge loop. If you go off with the lead group and get dropped you may very well be off the standard route, so know where you are going... just ask. If you follow the blue chevrons you will end up back at the SCT.
* If you are uncertain about a situation, just ask. Maybe we need to add it to the ride rules? If you have suggestions, I'll make additions for the next ride posting.

See you all on Saturday!

POST RIDE: There are many restaurants in the Hiram area, so we often get lunch after the ride. With the nice spring weather, it's usually the Mexican restaurant where we can eat outside. Good food and beverages.

No ride if raining .

Questions? Post them here or PM atlbike:webgeek sbl:crispx
Cell: 678-429-0514

Note: call if you are running a little late. I'd prefer to delay the start, soft pedal or arrange a rendezvous point, rather than have someone speeding to make a ride start. You can always ride the route in the opposite direction and link up too.

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