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seagullplayer 10-01-08 09:36 AM

Louisville Bike shop?
Anyone got a favorite LBS in the Louisville area? I live on the Sunny Side of Louisville so southern Indiana would be fine too...


-=(8)=- 10-03-08 04:57 PM

the best !!!


RonH 10-03-08 05:45 PM

One of the guys in the bike shop I work at is from Louisville and goes home every 2-3 months. He says Cycler's Cafe and Bardstown Road Bicycles are the best.

bassic wilson 11-08-08 09:31 PM

any bad shops?
I am part of several local (Louisville area) forums, etc. and I don't recall ever hearing any negative comments on any shops. That being said, I go to Main Street Bikes in Shelbyville. The inventory isn't the biggest, but they can get anything they don't have in stock. Prices are fair or cheap. Repairs are often done while I wait, though I usually call to check before I show. Also, honest, informitive conversation comes free with every visit! There's my opinion, for what it's worth.

-=(8)=- 11-08-08 09:35 PM

Thats why I recommended Bike Depot earlier.
When I went in there I made it clear that we were just
looking because we were only visiting and despite this a
gentleman named Dennis talked to us for about a 1/2 hour
and showed us around, tips, etc.....just like a bike store
atmosphere was in the 70's :D
Im counting the minutes until I get there permanently !

"I am part of several local (Louisville area) forums, etc. "

Any links ??? :D

seagullplayer 11-10-08 07:09 AM

Thanks guys, I have been to the one on Bardstown road, they seemed like good people. The manager even come out and looked at my bike to see if certain fenders would work.

I plan to make it around to them all as time permits.

bassic wilson 11-10-08 10:13 AM

"I am part of several local (Louisville area) forums, etc. "

Any links ??? :D[/QUOTE]

As far as links, let's see. I am a Shelby County Cyclist member. They're a small, newer group and their yahoo group probably wouldn't really apply here. Same with my race team's Yahoo group.
Links that may be helpful:
Yahoo group PurpleRides. They are a L-ville race oriented group. Basicly formed by Team Calistoga and Texas Roadhouse race teams, they help to find training rides, etc. I stay out of the way on their site, but like to listen to the activity in town. - Their motto is to get people to click, connect and ride. Sponsored by a LBS. Once again, I like to observe this place. If I were closer to town, I'd probably be more active on some of these places. I really like the photos here. This site is a definite reminder that it is cross season!
KyCycList - This place is the one I've been part of the longest. It's also the busiest thread site dedicated to Louisville (in my opinion). It is operated by a Louisville Bike Club member, and LBC members post there frequently. That being said, they do welcome all Ky riders. If this sounds appealling, go to and you'll see the info near the bottom of the homepage. The LBClub is a big, active group and this list helps to narrate their activities by some of their interesting members. The list has rules that you must follow (no advertising, etc.), so read and follow them. Also, be sure to browse around the club site while in the neighborhood. They have some good links. - This is the Lexington club site. They have a forum area I drop in on, even though I rarely go to Lex. They do put on the Horsey Hundred. It's a big spring event with beautiful central KY scenery. This site is worth checking out.

Although these sites aren't closely related to the OP, they have helped me to learn alot about the local scene, it's activities, and some triumphs and tribulations people have had and shared in the last year or so. I hope these help someone in some way because it took a long time to type! Anyone near Campbellsville? Ride with me. I have contact info and/or rides posted on . If anyone want's to paste this anywhere, like a new thread, feel free. Happy cycling, Wilson

LouisvilleBiker 10-24-13 04:13 PM

I run Middletown Cycling & Fitness A Louisville Bike Shop - Stop in and mention this post and I'll throw you 10% off.

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