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cudak888 02-13-09 08:58 PM

Protest the 2/21 Bike Miami (FL) event: Car show shoe-horned into event.
I believe a few members here have mentioned Bike Miami in the past. Indeed, the last three events have been successful, and quite enjoyable. However, I just read about the addition of a classic car show involving 100-125 vehicles is being incorporated onto Flagler for this event - see the Feb 5th post at the official Bike Miami site ( / ) and the new Bike Miami route:

Suffice it to say that if a car show (I don't care if they are static for the duration of B.M.) is held on the same street as Bike Miami, my participation with Bike Miami can be considered terminated - and I urge others to follow suit.

Vehicles already have a serious upper hand down here in South Florida - cyclists must deal with ill-mannered drivers every day of every year. Bike Miami not only served as a car-free setting for both experienced and learning cyclists, but also as an event for us uphold the laws given to us by Florida Statute 316.2065 - our rights and responsibilities as cyclists on the roadway.

Leave it to the city to ruin that idea. Cyclist events do not mix with car events. Not even vintage events. We do not need more motorist encroachment, period. Granted, it is one thing to block off another connecting side-street for the event, but it is flagrant disrespect to plop these vehicles right down the center of Flagler.

It confirms my suspicions - Bike Miami was founded and is run by people who are not cyclists, do not think like cyclists, and really could care less about cyclists. It's nothing but cheap PR for the city.

That said, I encourage everyone to email the City and express your disapproval with this addition, and to abstain from Bike Miami until the automobile involvement has been either eliminated, or re-located to a more proper area.

EDIT: Apparently, they are also holding a pet-related event across from Bike Miami as well. Though it is not directly in the location of B.M. itself, it takes little imagination to realize that ignorant dog owners will cross the street into Bike Miami causing havoc of a different sort.

Thank you.


speedxl 02-13-09 09:29 PM

Why start complaining? LOok who cares they are on display along with other booths from different organizations. It's just adding more for the family to see and do ( it is a family event!). Plus it shows that Bicyclists and Cars can co-exist. We can't be at odds with non cyclist we need to be the better of the two by sharing. Peace needs to exist so they become more accepting and understanding that we share the same rights to being on the road. Ghandi changed things without force.:thumb:

cudak888 02-13-09 09:46 PM

I'd be perfectly fine with it if the cars were not placed in areas previously (and now misleadingly) marked as "car free." Granted, traffic of all kinds can peacefully co-exist, but I have my differences when motor vehicles are inserted into an event specifically targeted and titled for cyclists. If it was called "Green Downtown," "Open Miami," or something to that extent, I'd understand - but not under the heading of "Bike Miami."


speedxl 02-17-09 05:58 PM

Well the city has a budget problem they may have figured squeezing both events in on one day.. I would wait and see what will happen on next months event.. I do how ever completely understand your point.


bassic wilson 02-19-09 09:04 PM

So much energy. So misguided. I think the OP should be more proactive and omit some of the pessimism. There's obviously some passion here. Don't rule out attending, sir, and good luck with whichever plan you choose to do. Personally, I think it sounds like a cool event. best,wils

Pedal Wench 02-20-09 08:25 PM

I think it's a prime opportunity to show everyone in attendance that it's not an "us versus them" world, and that cars and cyclists can peacefully share the same event. Bike Miami is a fun event for everyone. Keep it that way.

Edit: when I attended, there were a lot of police blocking the intersections. If they have to share events to keep this running, it's well worth it.

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