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comfort biker 02-19-09 08:18 PM

Charlotte NC
Does anyone know some good light trails around Lake Wylie? I am willing to check out LKN too but I live much closer to Wylie. My wife and I are beginners looking for easier off pavement trails.

Thanks for any help.

jppe 02-21-09 07:32 AM

I was thinking there were some paths around the Anne Close Springs Greenway north of Ft Mill but I have not been on them to know for sure. Here's a link that indicates some trails for biking. I cannot tell you how difficult the trails are though.

comfort biker 02-21-09 04:31 PM

Thanks for the link - it has lots of good info on the area. We are new here, like tons of other folks, and its nice to find all the cool stuff Charlotte has to offer. Much appreciated.

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