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BikeWNC 03-22-09 02:43 PM

Riding with Grandma
I rode with Wolfpack the day after she became a granny and then again today as she came back up for some hill training for the Assault on Mt Mitchell. We rode up the BRP today on a short late afternoon ride to get a look at the mountain that will challenge her in May. We saw a couple cars that's all so we mostly had the road to ourselves again.

LOL. She had to try my Parlee even though it is about 10 sizes too big for her.

wolfpack 03-22-09 07:22 PM

oh boy...that ride on Wednesday kicked my butt. i felt "ok" until we got to The Wall and i think i hit the wall then. not enough to eat/sleep and the climb up that did me in. then i started having pain in both hips, hip flexor area and just couldn't do anymore - we turned around after like 13mi. oh well...

today's ride was great. yes, got to try out Andy's Parlee, couldn't really tell much about it since it was 10 sizes too big!!!

-=(8)=- 03-22-09 08:05 PM

Very nice pictures !!
they dont do justice in showing how steep some of the hills really are though :cry:

Thanks for posting !

CycleMagic 03-23-09 07:45 PM

Holy hills, Grandma!
Looks like a nice day for a ride.

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