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Jon Geltner 04-09-09 09:44 AM

Cape Girardeau to Baton Rouge
Hey all,

ACA (Adventure Cycling Association) has a route from MO to LA, winding through western Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi down into southern Louisiana. I was wondering if anyone has done this particular route, or part of it, or something similar. I've never biked in the lower Mississippi valley. Was thinking of doing a camping tour this summer from roughly St.Louis to New Orleans. Any advice on towns worth stopping in, or particularly good campgrounds along the way would be much appreciated. I'm a total Yankee, but I know southern heat. Two summers ago I biked the Ohio River valley (well, part of it) during a horrible heat wave (100F or more for 6 days straight!) and survived the better off for it.


Torgrot 04-14-09 06:15 PM

My only suggestion would be to wait until the fall now. I just came back from Hattiesburg. The radio commentator said this would be a good week to enjoy the outdoors, because soon it would be an mosquito infested swamp. It was already getting muggy. We slipped down to Slidell LA to ride the Tamany Trace, it is already starting to warm up there.


sk8rdi16 06-18-09 01:45 PM

Go for it, just ride it at night! haha. It sure is hot down here, but I've been commuting to work since Feb. or so and it's not too terribly bad. You get used to it! If you need a place to stop/camp/get some AC I live on the Coast of MS in Long Beach/Gulfport.

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